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  • Body Contouring Options Using Ultrasound Waves
We have lots of patients that
come to us with interest in non-surgical
corrections, whether it's the face or the
body. And we're very excited. We're
introducing new aspects to our practice.
We're opening a non-invasive body
contouring center, which will focus on
different aged patients, that are
interested in correcting, minimizing
certain body parts, lifting certain body
parts. We currently have in practice a
system that we used to lift the neck and
the face, a therapy that uses ultrasound
waves, as well as body contouring systems
like cool sculpting, Vanquish and Exilis.
And those procedures really offer us a
really quite broad approach to patients
because different body types, patients,
patients that have maybe different needs
as far as time involvement, really open to
different opportunity, and different

Body Contouring Options Using Ultrasound Waves

Dr. Anna Pare discusses non invasive ways to minimize, lift or correct certain body parts.