Hi. I'm Dr. Gavin Sandercoe and this is a short clip about body contouring. When you lose weight, uh, whether it be through diet and exercise or after bariatric surgery, you're gonna be left with lots of loose skin. Some people's skin suck-up and shrink back better than others. Stretch marks really give you a good signal that the elastic in your skin has been stretched beyond its capability and it's not going to rebound. Once you've done all the hard work and you've lost that weight, what you do wanna do is have your body back. The important thing is you can get rid of that excess skin. There are Medicare item numbers that make it claimable and many of the Medicare item numbers are, are coming unless the health fads. The important thing is to see a specialist plastic surgeon, uh, about your options. The bigger the problem, the longer the scar needs to be to address the problem. There's lots of great-, short, short scar variance of many of the operations that we do, arm lifts and thigh lifts and things like that. But the short scar options are really only address small deformities, and big deformities just need to have a big scar. We'd be happy to talk to you in any states as you'd like to, uh, to come and talk to us about, uh, getting back the shape that you deserve and that you've lost all your weight.

Body Contouring Facts and Tips

Dr. Gavin Sandercoe discusses body contouring surgery after pregnancy and weight loss, touching on the surgical options that are available.