Dr. Bob Basu: Well the traditional techniques are the above the muscle technique and the under the muscle technique. Both are good options but both have their disadvantages. The technique that I generally prefer is called the Dual Plane Technique or Two Planes. Essentially it's a hybrid of the two traditional techniques but it helps to minimize their downsides. In the Dual Plane Technique, if my fist is representing the implant, the upper half or two thirds of the implant is camouflaged by your muscle but the lower half or third of the implant is actually above the muscle. Hence the term Dual Plane or Two Planes.

The reason why I like to do the Dual Plane technique is that it helps to create a very nice natural teardrop shaped contour to your breast. Again our goal is to get you the most natural appearing results. In addition for those women that have very, very mild degree of sagging the Dual Plane technique also helps to lift up the breast.

So in my hands in a lot of different body types, the Dual Plane technique has been very powerful to get consistent natural results.

Are Breast Implants Typically Placed Over or Under the Muscle?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses the placement of the implant under or over the muscle. He goes onto describe his person preference of Dual Plane placement.