Hi. This is Michael Bowman of River Region Facial Plastics. I want to talk a little bit today about Juvederm and Voluma, two wonderful ways to rejuvenate and enhance the face. We're going to use our lovely model Stacy and just show you a little bit about how we use these products and what you can expect, and some things to think about if you're considering a treatment.

The two products, Juvederm and Voluma, are similar. They're both hyaluronic acid fillers, but they have different properties, and so we use them in different areas of the face. Juvederm is wonderful for enhancement of the nasolabial folds and the marionette lines, if they're present, and it's also my favorite for enhancing the lips. When we do these treatments for the lips, if you've ever had it done the wrong way, you'll know that it might be very uncomfortable. When we do it here, we do a block with some numbing medicine around the mouth, and so the injection is pretty much painless or very, very close to that. It usually takes about 15 or 20 minutes. The nasolabial folds are super easy as well. That's even a quicker treatment and swelling is minimized there. One of our favorite ways to minimize swelling, especially in treating these important areas of the face, is with a cannula. Instead of a needle, it has a blunt tip and it dramatically reduces swelling and bruising as a result.

The other product, Voluma, we use for cheek enhancement. It's a little bit fuller and thicker, and so it's more robust for enhancing those deeper areas. Typically, we're trying to rebuild up the apple of the cheek, somewhere in that area. It depends a little bit, of course, on your own face and what's going on with that. The different products last different lengths of time. Typically we get 6 to 12 months around the mouth area, sometimes a little longer. Voluma, however, is FDA approved for up to two years for enhancement of the cheeks, so it's a wonderful, long-lasting product. If you have any interest in either of these products, please come see us and I hope I'll see you soon.

Voluma and Juvederm: Benefits and Uses of Facial Fillers

Dr. Michael Bowman discusses the basics of Juvederm and Voluma: How they work and where on the face they are approved for use.