Hi. This is Dr. Michael Bowen, with River Region Facial Plastics. I just want to speak to you briefly, today, about Botox. Botox is a wonderful and very common treatment, because it's so fast, so easy, and so wonderfully effective.

We have a beautiful model with us today, Stacy. And she's a great example of a great Botox result. When Botox is properly done, the look should be very natural, very soft and refreshing, and we shouldn't see any of that unfortunate overly frozen look that you've seen, probably, on some people, on the web, or maybe on TV.

So, the two FDA approved areas for Botox are the glabella, here, which create these vertical lines up in this area, and the crows' feet around the eyes. And so, I'm going to have Stacy try to give us her best little frown, here, and you can see that we really can't make those lines. The beautiful thing about the lines, up in this area, is when they're gone, you just don't look upset, or angry, or whatever those lines might make you look. You just look. . . not that way. It's softer, and just a more beautiful look, and it's very natural.

Botox treatments take only about five minutes. You're out the door, and full effects take effect at two weeks, usually last around three to four months. If you're considering Botox, or any of our other treatments, please come see us. Thank you.

Botox Introduction: Targeted Areas and Benefits

Dr. Michael Bowman provides a brief description of Botox, highlighting the areas of the face for which it has been approved and it's benefits.