Compared to my results from years ago where I did not utilize that, since I’ve been utilizing Strattice and AlloDerm, my cosmetic results from implant-based reconstruction have improved significantly where I don’t even look back quite frankly. The reason is, is because Strattice or AlloDerm helps to create a nice natural shape to the reconstructed breast so you’re not getting the old school breast coconut mound. You’re getting a much more exquisite teardrop-shaped reconstructed breast.

The cosmetic results have been revolutionized with the utilization of these dermal matrix products. In addition, it also helps to decrease postoperative pain in terms of the expansion process. It also helps to facilitate us to expand the tissue expander/implant rapidly on table so that my patients no longer have to see the defect from the mastectomy. They wake up with some form of breast that can be improved over time in terms of the volume.

How is Alloderm and Strattice Used in Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Bob Basu discusses the difference between Alloderm and Strattice during Breast Reconstruction. Using Alloderm and Strattice dramatically improves Breast Reconstruction results.