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Is Venus Freeze Better Than Ulthera or Thermage?

I'm considering venus freeze for droopy skin in the face due to heavy exercising. I'm considering ulthera, venus freeze vs thermage. which one is... READ MORE

Vaser Shape Vs. Venus Freeze on Upper Arms?

Have cellulite & few inches of loose skin (batwings) on upper arms. Both procedures cost about the same for treatment pkg. Which procedure would... READ MORE

Venus Freeze for Skin Tightening of Neck and Around the Mouth: Concerned About Loosing Fat Below Cheeks and the Thyroid Gland?

Venus Freeze was recommended for neck and lower face to tightened the skin. I've looked into it more and, since it is used to reduce fat elsewhere, I... READ MORE

What is Venus Freeze?

I saw something about the Venus Freeze being a liposuction alternative. Is it like CoolSculpting? Would it work on belly fat and how many doctors have... READ MORE

Radiofrequency Devices Side Effects?

Is using radiofrequency devices for the face safe since they destroy fat cells? Can your body to restore fat cells naturally if it being damaged by rf... READ MORE

Venus Freeze Technology MP2 Treatment - Has Anyone Ever Tried? Good, Bad?

Hi, I'm in Canada and saw a deal to have 7 treatments for circumferential reduction/cellulite reduction/skin tightening using this Venus Freeze... READ MORE

I Heard About a Venus Freeze to Treat Sagging Skin. Does It Work?

I want to treat my neck and under my chin. The pictures on venus freeze website look pretty good. Any doctors who have used it and recommend it? READ MORE

Venus Freeze: Are There Any Side Effects?

With the Venus Freeze being a relatively new treatment which was FDA approved in 2010. Now that several years have past, has there been any reported... READ MORE

Is Venus Freeze As Effective As Facial Fillers for Volume in Nasal Folds, Eye Area Etc?

I am 44 and have had some injectable fillers. I am booked for 6 face and neck sessions and was wondering if the Venus Freeze is effective at creating... READ MORE

I Have Fillers in my Naso Folds and Lip Lines and Cheekbones. Will The Venus Freeze Affect The Fillers?

I Have Fillers in my Naso Folds and Lip Lines and Cheekbones.  I Would Like to Do Venus Freeze for skin tightening. However, I am concerned that... READ MORE

I Am 62 with Good Skin. Double Chin Driving Me Nuts. Will Venus Freeze Work on Chin?

I have looked into lipo but doctor thought skin would sag and I'd need face life. Read about Venus Freeze and wondered if it would eliminate double... READ MORE

Can Venus Freeze Melt Dermal Fillers?

How long should you wait to get a Venus freeze treatment on the face after dermal fillers? Can Venus freeze melt the fillers? READ MORE

Afraid Venus Freeze for Jowels Might Make Face More Gaunt?

I found an intro offer for venus freeze in my city for 99 and they said that one area can be treated. I am looking to have my jowel and cheek area... READ MORE

Venus Freeze or Ultherapy for neck. Which would be most effective?

I have creepy skin on my neck that I would like to tighten. I am 52 and have the beginnings of a saggy neck. Which treatment would be more effective,... READ MORE

Venus Freeze Following Upperarm Liposuction. Is it Safe?

I have had liposuction to my upper arms (along with a breast reduction) 5 months ago. Is it safe to have the Venus Freeze to tighten the laxity of the... READ MORE

How Frequently Can I Have Venus Freeze Done?

I know it is recommended to do treatments one week apart, but can they actually be done closer together? READ MORE

Venus Freeze on My Face and Now Cheeks Look Flat?

I used Venus freeze on my face Now my cheeks looks flat Does Venus freeze destroyes fat cells forever? Will I get my usual chubby cheeks after certain... READ MORE

I Have Some Crepey Lax Skin on my Abdomen. Do You Think Venus Freeze Would Be a Good Option for Tightening my Belly?

Age 51, I am 5'8" 129lbs. I am a fitness buff and exercise daily, but cannot get rid of this "old" skin. I had a consult for coolsculpting but the... READ MORE

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