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How Should I Approach my PS? Greatly Disappointed

Researched and chose an expensive surgeon with high experience and best technology vaser to get my lipo performed. since it was expensive i dcded to... READ MORE

2 days after Vaser Lipo, and I have fluid build up. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I had vaser lipo done two days ago on my abdominal, waist and flanks. On my lower back I've noticed a fluid build up in the middle of my lower back,... READ MORE

2 days post op Vaser lipo, my stomach is really big, is this normal? When will the swelling & bloating start to go down? (photo)

I've seen photos of others a day or two post op and they had flat stomachs but mine is bloated and big. I have a stich at each insision mark and only... READ MORE

Fluid pooch two days post vaser lipo. (photos)

Hi, This is ridiculously early in the game but I don't see my PS until Wednesday. I am only two days post op and wanted to know if that little wave... READ MORE

How soon can I lift weights after Vaser liposuction?

I had vaser lipo on my arms and a little on the front of my belly and a dog ear revision 2 days ago.... I want to start lifting weights ASAP ... I... READ MORE

Still have a lot of swelling. Should I be able to see my abs 1 day after high definition Vaser Liposuction?

I did the surgery on 26/6. I did vaser for my chest and love handles and vaser high def for my abs, i have alot of swelling which i know it is normal,... READ MORE

is it possible that the swelling is just starting now which make the results not look as good as straight after the operation?

Male chest Vaser Liposuction swelling--hello, had laser liposuction on my chest two days ago. when i got home on the same day i had a very quick look... READ MORE

Male chest Vaser lipo bruising the same as swelling?

Had a sneak peak of my chest after the operation and i was very happy with the flatness. its been 2 days now and i have slightly light bruising but my... READ MORE

What result could I expect? (Photos)

I have done vaser lipo body countoring and posting b/a picture.I am2 days post op and I know its way too early to judge but I will appreciate any... READ MORE

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