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Is Vbeam a Good Laser Treatment for Rosacea?

Has anyone tried vbeam laser for rosacea treatment? Is it effective? How soon? What was healing like? Did you need more than one session? READ MORE

Bruising Necessary to Achieve Results from V Beam for Rosacea?

I had a vbeam treatment done this week and the doctor advised me that it is not necessary to bruise the skin in order to clear redness and broken... READ MORE

IPL vs. V-Beam for Rosacea

I was recently diagnosed with Rosacea but I also have Melasma. My Melasma is mixed epidermal and dermal and not very noticeable, in fact I don't... READ MORE

Why V Beam (Pulsed Dye Laser) is Not Effective Against the Flushing of Rosacea?

I had my 5th session of V beam ( pulsed dye laser) 3 weeks ago ,My experience with it was ok because it has removed the heavy redness,but my problem... READ MORE

Is V Beam Safe for Ethnic Skin?

Hi, I am 43, suffer from melasma and have tried Triluma, Cosmelan and a Vitamin C serum at different times for it with mixed results. The first two... READ MORE

Trouble Clearing Up Rosacea Redness with V-Beam - More Aggressive Settings?

I've had two (very spread apart) treatments with the V-Beam for redness on my nose, cheeks, and chin. It seems like every time I go in for... READ MORE

3 Weeks Ago I Had my First Rosacea V Beam, my Face is Still Red and Even Redder, is It Normal?

I was diagnosed with rosacea. My dermatologist told me that 2 to 3 laser sessions will be required. I had my first session 3 weeks ago and rozex gel... READ MORE

IPL Vs V Beam for Rosacea

I am 35 year old male & have slight rosacea on my nose , upper cheeks along & some occular rosacea. I've been on antibiotics for 4 months... READ MORE

V Beam PERFECTA for Redness and Hyperpigment?

I've read on Candela's website that the PERFECTA can treat vascular things as well as pigment things. Is it able to do this in one pass (one... READ MORE

Safe to Have V Beam While on Blood Thinning Medication?

Recently, I was put on Warfarin, which is temporary, for approximately 5 more months, then onto aspirin therapy. Is it alright to have V Beam for my... READ MORE

Is V-Beam Good for Facial Erythema / Ruddy Complexion?

I have mild rosacea on my cheeks, when i'm not flushed i'm a bit pink. Would V-beam on low settings help me? READ MORE

Is V Beam Recommended For Small Capillaries? What Are The Chances For Hyperpigmentation?

I'm considering having V Beam treatment on my face for some small capillaries on my chin, nose, moustache and cheek. I have mild rosacea and seb... READ MORE

Is it Safe to Do Non-purpuric VBeam Treatments Within a Short Period of Time?

Hello. I have mild-moderate rosacea, with generall flushing on my nose and cheeks, and broken capillaries on my nose. I plan to do a series of VBeam... READ MORE

Is $1,000 for a Full-face Pulse Dye Laser Treatment Too Much when Treating Rosacea?

A very well known dermatologist quoted me $1,000 to treat my entire face with a V Beam laser. I have rosacea and would like my entire face treated.... READ MORE

Still blushing very easily after 2 V Beam treatments for Rosacea. What should I do?

I developed rosacea from overusing corticosteroids: acne rosacea and redness around my eyes and nose. I can not use AHA and retinol products now even... READ MORE

IPL or v-beam for facial redness, rosacea? Which is more cost effective and longer lasting?

I'm 20, have suffered from facial redness starting in mid teens, like 14? The dermatologist just said that it's hormones and should go away, well... READ MORE

I'm tried of waiting between vbeam treatments. Is it safe to have one every week?

I get non-purpuric vbeam for diffuse redness caused by rosacea. Are there any reasons to not decrease the treatment intervals? READ MORE

V Beam For Redness, Acne Scars, Capillaries, and Rosacea?

Hello. Im interested in V beam laser. I have redness, acne scars, capillaries and rosacea. I wanna know how much it costs for full face, and how many... READ MORE

Will Niacin Increase Effectiveness with V-Beam for Rosacea?

I've had two purpuric V-beam sessions, and I haven't seen any improvement. My doctor noted I would see some improvement after the second... READ MORE

V Beam - Sun Protection on Treated Area or Whole Face?

I'll soon get my first VBeam treatment since 2 years to treat redness and vessels caused by Rosacea. I got told by my new doctor to wear 4-6 weeks... READ MORE

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