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CoolSculpting and Ultherapy for Double Chin / Turkey Neck?

Would a Combination of Zeltiq and Ultherapy Be a Good Option for a Non-surgical Double Chin/turkey Wattle Reduction? Looking for the best nonsurgical... READ MORE

Is 29 Too Young for Ulthera?

I've recently seen some great before and after pics of younger patients (late 20s and early 30s) who've had ulthera done. It seemed to slim... READ MORE

How Long Does the Swelling Take Place After Having Ultherapy Done? (photo)

I recently got Ultherapy done on Tuesday, September 10th. I am 34 years old and only received it on my cheeks, jaw line and upper lip. It is the 3rd... READ MORE

Should I Do Treatment Ulthera or Liposuction to Change my Cheek and Jowl? (photo)

Should I do treatment Ulthera or Liposuction to change my cheek and jowl ? I do not like how look my lower part of face. I am slim but it seems that... READ MORE

Age 28, Skin Laxity, Loss of Firmness Of Soft Tissue; Would I Be a Good Candidate for Ultherapy?

Hi, I am 28 with some skin laxity, and descent/ loss of firmness of underlying soft tissue. The issue seems in part to be caused by volume loss also.... READ MORE

Ultherapy or Filler for Lifting? (photo)

Hello!!! I am 27 years. Can someone tell me if ultherapy or fillers can help me to lift cheeks and little sagging around jowels???? Thank u! READ MORE

Ulthera Side Effect?

I am 27 years old, had ulthera on my eyebrows 2 weeks ago. After the treatment had no bruises or swelling, only tingling and sensitive to touch. After... READ MORE

Ulthera and pregnancy?

34 yrs old wanting some "lift". I was planning on having another child in the next year. My question is should I wait till after or could I do the... READ MORE

Deep neck lines and thyroid cyst. Is any improvement possible? (Photo)

I am 33 and have two deep neck rings. I have them since childhood. I feel like everyone is staring at my neck and actually I wear scarf almost every... READ MORE

Ulthera or Facial Filler for 32 Y/o That Wants to Look 20?

Main concerns; sagging in lower face and volume loss. I'm leaning toward ulthera bc I don't like the idea of a lot of filler. But would... READ MORE

Im 33, and Looking at Antiaging. Am I Too Young for Ulthera? Fraxel? Botox is Too Frozen for Me.

Even though my skin doesnt have terrible elasticity, my eyes and forehead make me look at least 5 years older than i am. I had botox and dysport once... READ MORE

Can ulthera be used for my under eye wrinkles? How many treatments needed? If not, what will work? (Photo)

I have Been bothered FOR the past copule of years by the wrinkles under my eyes specially my left eye. It is getting worse. Significantly more than my... READ MORE

Ultherapy for eye bags and circles?

I'm 26 this year, fair skinned and am Asian. I have seen 2 aesthetic doctors and they recommended Ultherapy. The first said that it can be quite... READ MORE

Im 34, Got my Ulthera on Face and Eyes and It Includes Neck but During Process,doctor Says I Dont Need It on Neck. is Right?

Im 34, got my Ulthera this week, I paid the price include face and eyes and neck. but during procedure ,doctor says I dont need it on neck cause I... READ MORE

Too Young for Ulthera?

Is 29 too young to get ulthera done? I recently had it but now read its targeted at people from age 35. Can getting it younger be harmful if I already... READ MORE

I am considering ultherapy on my forehead, but I'm worried that it will increase my hairline. Can it happen?

I've had blepharoplasty and I now have an eyelid crease/platform (which is a great improvement from my prior heavily hooded eyes). I still want a... READ MORE

Should I take Ultherapy treatment? (photos)

Hi, I am only 29 years old, but I am looked much older than my real age. As the pictures show that my cheeks are getting lower, nasolabial folds are... READ MORE

Ultherapy vs fillers or lipo for a stronger jaw? (photos)

I'm interested in a more prone jawline & chin. I went to a consultation considering fillers but the Doc told me that gravity would actually take a... READ MORE

Ultherapy for jawline and jowl lines at 34? (photo)

Been doing fillers and botox since i was 29, I'm 34 and beginning to see some sagging of the jawline and jowl marks beginning to form... what should I... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy cause smaller eyes and detrimental fat loss in a 25 year old? (Photo)

Hi I'm 25 years old and had blepharoplasty early in the year. Still wanted a larger eye and so did some Botox but still wasn't pleased. Dr suggested... READ MORE

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