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Edema Following Tummy Tuck

I had a Full TT Oct 2010. Healing went great, had no problems at all. Mid Nov I began to notice I was holding fluid all over my body..maybe edema? My... READ MORE

Water Pills po op Lipo and tummy tuck

Can I take water pills po op aggressive Lipo and tummy tuck to reduce swelling? READ MORE

Can Being Premenstrual Contribute to Significant Swelling While Recovering from Tummytuck?

I am 4 weeks post op today and have noticed that my midsection has begun to swell quite a bit. No "water bed" motion except in my mons area.... READ MORE

I Had 10cc's of Fluid Removed from my Lower Abdomen After Tummy Tuck--will This Likely Need Additional Treatment?

I am 20 days post op from a full tummy tuck w/ lipo on my stomach/flanks. While the initial swelling has gone down quite a bit, I noticed one small... READ MORE

Bulging 2.5 Months After Tummy Tuck, Could this be More than Swelling or Water Retention? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck on 09/02/11 + lipo of the flanks. I'm now 2.5 mo post-op.I'm concerned about a bulge going from 1in under the belly... READ MORE

I Had a Radical Abdominoplasty 2 Weeks Ago with 8 Lb of Skin Removed. Now I Am Carrying 40 Lb of Fluid Retention? (photo)

I had a radical abdominoplasty 2 weeks ago with 8 lb of skin removed (I lost 350 lb over 3 years). Now I am carrying 40 lb of fluid retention. My... READ MORE

Cellulitis and Ultrasound Showing Fluid Collection Along Insicion Line of Tummy Tuck 4 Months Post Op?

I had a tummy tuck with liposuction 4 months ago. Post op I had complications with the dissolvable sutures. They would "fester"and eventually cause my... READ MORE

Effect of Flying on Fluid Retention Post Tummy Tuck?

I am having my surgery out of town and will be flying back home about 12 days post-tummy tuck. Does flying adversely affect the results in any way?... READ MORE

My Mother Did Abdominoplasty 2 Months Ago, Every Otherday We Have to Go to Her Surgeon to Remove Fluid Retention by Syringe?

Some of her stitches do not heal completely and we have to use sea sorb & comfeel to make them close and the doctor did the surgery by removing 8... READ MORE

Is it harmful to continue to use the post Tummy Tuck/liposuction garment after 6 weeks, and why?

I plan to get a Tummy Tuck and liposuction once I retire in the spring. Becuase I tend to retain water and bloat easily I want to where my post... READ MORE

Seven pound weight gain 3 weeks post-op Tummy Tuck with Lipo

I had a full TT with lipo 3.5 weeks ago. 5 days post-op I weighed 15 lbs LESS than my pre-op weight. In the past 2 weeks my weight has crept up, now... READ MORE

Will Being Quite Bloated in the Abdomen (Water Retention) Affect the Outcome At All of a Full Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Hi, I have Crohn's Disease and I recently started taking Pentasa. The problem is this medicine has caused me to become quite bloated (due to water... READ MORE

9 months post op Tummy tuck. How long do you feel numbness in the abdominal area below the belly button?

First of all how long do you feel numbness in the abdominal area below the belly button? How can i distinguish if it is water retention in my... READ MORE

How long does inflammation (water retention) last after a Tummy tuck w/ lipo of the flanks?

I recently got a TT and lipo (4 days ago). My tummy tuck wasn't a perfect experience. The PS only put in one drain. Im not sure if this is normal.... READ MORE

21 days post op and the water bed in my stomach keeps coming back. What can I do to make it stop?

I am 21 days post op. I had a full tummy tuck with lipo suction to flanks and back. I have severe water retention in my belly. Since 11 days post op... READ MORE

6 months post-op TT with Lipo and recently have become bloated w/ water retention. Possible I have fluids building up?(photo)

My PS released me from all restrictions 3 months ago and said if stomach begins bloating use my girdle. Last 3 weeks I have had to use it nightly and... READ MORE

Gained weight after TT. Is this normal?

I had a full TT and lipo of flanks and outer thigh on 08/10/16 and have gained weight is this normal if so how much is normal and how can I release... READ MORE

Water build up after TT and MR?

What happens if this is not drained ? My doctor said it's fine but I feel swollen. Even had Ct scan at ER due to something not related. They called my... READ MORE

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