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I want a tummy tuck, but I'm wondering if a doctor will deny me? (photos)

I have a couple superficial collateral veins on my abdomen. I had histoplasmosis apparently as a child which caused calcifications and thus narrowing... READ MORE

TT Muscle Repair

I was reading that having a TT with muscle repair effects your vena cava and blood flow. Can you explain? How tight is too tight? I saw that most... READ MORE

Anesthesia and difficult veins question. Does this put me at risk?

I am a recovering IV drug user. I have been "clean" for many years now but still have damaged veins from my past. When I need blood tests done it... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck - With This Vein Get Removed with Skin? (photo)

I don't know enough about the layers of the human body. This popped up on my abdomen post pregnancy. 1 year had passed and I am still breastfeeding. I... READ MORE

Is it safe for a TT? I have May-Thurner Syndrome that causes blood clots in my leg. I have a umbrella filter in my iliac vein.

Is having liposuction and a tummy tuck safe for someone with my condition? Would any doctor even try to do the surgery on me? How much overweight do... READ MORE

If you have prominent veins on your stomach, can you stil have a tummy tuck?

If you have prominent veins on your stomach, can you stil have a tummy tuck? In other words, could those veins be cut during surgery and patient could... READ MORE

Should I accept hernia repair w/ vertical incision only & skin removal OR pay for a standard tummy tuck & muscle repair? (photo)

Previous TT 2005. 3 Subsequent pregnancies. I've been offered a hernia repair with vertical incision and skin removed in oval flap on NHS but would... READ MORE

Are these veins and color normal? (Photo)

I'm just a couple days away from my 6 week postoperative abdominoplasty. I'm concerned about the veins and the color on the incision site. Is this... READ MORE

I'm 6 months post op did I develop a keloid scar? (photos)

I've been using silicone strips for 5 months and my scar still change is bumpy and it has dents it also has veins inside the scar ,is there anything... READ MORE

What is the deal with these veins? (photos)

I am nearly 8 weeks post tummy tuck without muscle repair. I just noticed that these veins appeared below my surgical site, not above. Never seen... READ MORE

4 Weeks post TT - Ankles keep swelling and compressions stockings cause dark veins - Is this normal?

Today I used compression stocking I'm 4 weeks post op TT. My right ankle keeps swelling, so tried the stocking today. After removing them my veins... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a hernia as a result from TT with muscle plication?

I have an upcoming appointment with a vascular MD, ( so no need to tell me to see one ). I presented with a lump that could either be a varicose vein,... READ MORE

1 year post TT, ultrasound 1 week ago indicated Thrombolytic pelvic vein. What should I do?

1 yrs post abdominoplasty. Tender to touch, continuing to swell and become hard in the left pelvic region. I am concerned there is more going on. Any... READ MORE

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