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Best Positions For Sitting and Sleeping After Tummy Tuck Surgery? (photo)

What are the best way's to sit and watch TV and what about laying down to sleep . I have NEVER had any kind of surgery in my life and i really... READ MORE

Pedicure After One Week Tummy Tuck?

Hi: Last friday, I had my total tummy tuck done. I feel great, just taking Tylenol 3 at night. I want to have a manicure and pedicure today. Do you... READ MORE

Post Tummy Tuck: Severe Pain After Trying to Drain Fluid

I got a tummy tuck april first and ended up with a pulmonary embolism about two weeks later, I am on coumadin. Today my doctor stuck a needle above my... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Sat Me Up to Close Incision, Is This Normal?

I had a tummy tuck revision to remove skin that relaxed during the first year post op of my tummy tuck, my plastic surgeon told my husband he had to... READ MORE

What can be done w/ mediocre results after a full TT, MR and lipo to the flanks? Should my tummy be in my lap when I sit?(photo)

I am a lil disappointed & embarassed w/ my results. While there is a noticable diff. with my b4 & after..i expected much better results..i spoke 2 my... READ MORE

Can sitting for long periods during recovery period cause a permanent pouch post op abdominoplasty?

 Im not talking about a Seroma...i'm talking about a permanent indention,crease, or puch. READ MORE

Can I Work from Home at a Desk 3 Days After a TT?

I work from home - just computer work. Will i be able to do that 3 days after a TT? READ MORE

What is the Purpose of Placing a Patient in a Chair While Performing a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Hi, my stomach is completely covered in a lot of stretch marks. I had a consultation for a tummy tuck and the doctor mentioned something about... READ MORE

7 weeks post TT: Extra fat and skin when sitting down - I don't feel tight, do I need it tightened? (Photo)

I'm 7 weeks post full TT. I know I'm still swelling but when I work out I can feel my stomach still move and bounce. After a week post op I could... READ MORE

Should my stomach Look like this 28 days post op? I feel like when I am standing it looks great! When I sit not so much? (photo0

I am concerned because I feel like my stomach would look flat also when sitting at this point. It looks amazing staying and horrible sitting is this... READ MORE

8 days post op. Is this strange color and swelling normal? (photos)

Yesterday I traveled home from the recovery house I stayed at post op. I spent the majority of the day sitting in an upright position. When I got... READ MORE

Desk Job? Ok to Sit Straight Up or Need to Be Elevated?

I work a desk job..with the option of getting up and moving around and walking. Should I be SITTING STRAIGHT up with feet on floor? or should I keep... READ MORE

How am I supposed to sleep or sit after Tummy tuck and fat grafts to butt and hip at the same time?

I am going to get the tummy tuck and my doctor suggest to liposuction my back flanks and injected to butt and side for the better result.for recovery... READ MORE

Will sitting even short periods b bad for me?

I had my tummy tuck and liposuction surgery on April 11 I had my 1 week post op appointment on the20th Friday ...i got my drains out . However was... READ MORE

Feels Like a Not in my Muscles when I Sit?

I am almost 3 months post op from a tummy tuck with hernia and muscle repair. When I sit for too long it feels like I have a not in my muscles in... READ MORE

I have undergone a full tummy tuck 13 weeks ago and I mistakenly sat on my feet today. Will this do any damage?

I'm 47yrs old and I have undergone a full tummy tuck 13 weeks ago .today by mistake I sat on my feet while working. I didn't have any pain or any... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a full or mini tummy tuck? (photos)

After 3 pregnancies i have a small amount of muscle seperation, mainly around the midline. I don't have much sagging/hanging skin (unless I'm doing a... READ MORE

How is your stomach supposed to look after a TT when you sit or bend over? (Photo)

I had a full TT with muscle repair 2/4/15. I am still swollen which I figured I would be. I still have loose skin in my lower abdomen and right above... READ MORE

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