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Mesh Support for Recurrent Diastasis?

Has anyone here worked on a recurrent diastasis using mesh (what kind recommended?) to support the re-plication of that diastasis? If not mesh, what... READ MORE

Umbilical hernia mesh repair. Swelling, hard lump, pain, feeling of fullness and weight loss. What can I do?

Ten months post op from umbilical hernia mesh repair some swelling around belly button down to the pubic area with a hard lump on the incision line... READ MORE

Can an umbilical hernia come back after being repaired with mesh?

I had an umbilical hernia repaired in Aug 2013. IT was repaired using mesh. I am now pregnant and having sharp pains around my belly button. Could it... READ MORE

Ventral Hernia Repair with Mesh Also Diastasis Recti?

7 months ago a surgeon place a 8 in by 8in piece of mesh in my stomach to fix my ventral hernia and diastasis recti. I am feeling more and more pain... READ MORE

Ventral Hernia Repair with Mesh? Also Have A Diastasis Recti (photo)

I have seen a general surgeon who diagnosed a ventral hernia.. he said he was gonna place a large piece of mesh.. is this normal to do this? i also... READ MORE

During my First Pregnancy my Stomach Muscle Had Completely Diversified. After 2nd Child, Drs. Recommend Mesh. What Can I Expect?

Doctors are suggesting I get a plastic mesh insertion treatment. My stomach protrudes out very prominently like a full term pregnant lady's would.... READ MORE

Will I Always Feel the Margins of Surgical Mesh Placed During Abdominoplasty/ventral Hernia Repair?

I had surgery to repair severe diastasis recti and a ventral hernia 6 days ago. My plastic surgeon advocated for and used surgical mesh in the repair... READ MORE

Using Muscle Toner After Hernia Repair

Can I use an abdominal muscle toner after having abdominal mesh hernia repair operation? READ MORE

My Surgeon Recommends Tummy Tuck with Mesh. Is It Safe?

I plan to have tummy tuck. My plastic surgeon recommends tummy tuck with mesh. I'm 5'3, 205 pounds is it safe to have plastic surgery with a mesh? READ MORE

3 Incisional Hernias from Abdominal Surgery - What Options Besides Mesh? (photo)

I read that the reoccurence rates after hernia repair are high without mesh, but would rather not have mesh. Would repairing my 3.5" diastasis... READ MORE

Can my Repaired Umbilical Hernia and Diastasis Recti Cause Me Pain?

I am 27 years old and i have a umbilical hernia that has been repaired with a mesh and i also have a 3 finger diastasis recti. I am in pain all the... READ MORE

Tummy Bulge 9 Months Post-Op DIEP Flap, Can I Fix Without Adding Mesh?

I have a tummy bulge on one side of my lower abdomen after my diep flap 9 months ago. It often tenses up like I'm having pregnancy contractions... READ MORE

Is Hernia Repair with Mesh Safe?

I’m scheduled to have hernia repair for a large incisional hernia resulting from weight loss surgery. (It is going to be done laparoscopically with m... READ MORE

Severe Diastasis Recti Repair with Vertical Incision and Mesh Also Repair of Ventral Hernia? (photo)

I have a severe diastasis recti and small ventral hernia and have seen a general surgeon who would like to repair this with mesh and a vertical... READ MORE

Stopping Enbrel Before Abdominoplasty Surgery?

I am having a TT on June 5 and I take enbrel for psoriatic arthritis. When should I stop it and will it increase my risk of infection. I also have... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a mesh rejection after hernia repair?(photo)

I had right inguinal hernia repair on May 16 and since I had surgery I was feeling really swollen I developed a seroma which was drained the first... READ MORE

When is mesh needed to repair muscles and what are the possible side effects and issues of the mesh? (Photo)

I have diastasis reci after 3 births, 2 girls at 9/14 and my last baby girl at 10lbs 13 oz. just 5 months ago. I am planning to have full tummy tuck... READ MORE

What is better to use for a diastasis recti repair and oblique tightening; Polyprolene mesh or Seri Scaffold? (photos)

I am 19 months post partum and have been on several consults with plastic surgeons to fix my tummy. They have all told my that I will need my... READ MORE

Is Abdominoplasty and Hernia Repair Without Mesh Suggestible?

My Mom is 60 and already had 4 surgeries, her last surgery hernia repair with mesh has failed now. Doctor has advised us to go for Abdominoplasty and... READ MORE

Will Hernia Repair with Mesh Affect Tummy Tuck In Future

I am considering fixing my umbilical hernia/epigastric hernia now via a general surgeon who wants to use mesh. Will this affect me if I decide to have... READ MORE

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