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Will Medicaid/Medicare Cover the Removal of Excessive Stomach Skin?

I had Gastric-Bypass surgery in September of 1989. Since approximently 8 months postop, I have had a very large area of excessive skin (Flab) on my... READ MORE

Will Medicaid/Medicare will pay for the removal of excess skin? I had gastric sleeve in Feb 2016, and I have already lost 120lbs

My Dr told me when I got to the weight I wanted my insurance would pay for this excess skin to be removed, I'm trying to no if it did how much out of... READ MORE

Will Medicare Cover a Medically Necessary Abdominalplasty?

I had a hystrectomy when I was 31. Then they had to go back in a year later to remove the last ovary. Since this I have always had a constant struggle... READ MORE

Do Medicaid Help Pay for a C-section?

Do medicaid help pay for a c-section READ MORE

I have had 5 kids & went from 150 to 210 lbs at the height of 5'4. Hw can I get a Tummy Tuck with Medicaid for medical reasons?

Because it has me out of breath giving me chest pains aches in my knees and back and poor circulation please help me READ MORE

I need a full tummy tuck and my breasts removed! How can I find the right surgeon? (Photo)

I have ameri group Medicaid and I need to find a surgery who would do the surgeries with my insurance I have. The pain is so severe I need help please... READ MORE

Is there any Dr that takes Medicaid insurance?

My friend just had a baby 3 months ago and we were talking about the extra belly fat and she wanted to know if any Dr will do a mini tummy tuck, full... READ MORE

Does Medicaid pay for this if its medically necessary?

I have medical documentation for back problems too much belly on small frame. READ MORE

I need a tummy tuck: Since my c-section the belly hangs real low on my upper thigh my legs go to sleep poor circulation.

I tried everything from wraps to gridles will my medicade pay since its fr medical not apperance its dead skin READ MORE

Would medicaid cover a tummy tuck or another procedure like it due to "health issues"?

Medicaid covers the gastric sleeve if needed do to health witch i fall into that category but would they cover the tummy tuck or another code because... READ MORE

Why won't medicaid pay - if it's a medical reason?

I'm not over weight, but my bottom pouch of my tummy after my last 2 c sections will not go no matter how much I diet and work out it just gets looser... READ MORE

Hernia, diastasis recti and panniculus causing combined pain, and how to get Medicaid to cover? How much out of pocket?

I have a diastasis recti of about 6" which causes pain, an umbilical hernia that causes pain and a growing panniculus that causes pain and in summer... READ MORE

I need information on getting a Tummy Tuck. Any suggestions for doctors?

I am looking for a doctor who excepts medicaid, are there any doctors in Beaufort County,SC who does this? This skin affects my life negatively in so... READ MORE

I have 2 hernias and would like to know if medicaid /healthfirst would consider a Tummy Tuck medically necessary?

2 hernias and due to moderate weightloss amd overhanging stomach.would medicaid/healthfirst consider it medically necessary for tummy tucks so that... READ MORE

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