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Lightheaded After Tummy Tuck Surgery

I had a TT 2 1/2 weeks ago and I am feeling lightheaded. Sometimes I have to sit down because I feel like I might pass out. I'm not sure if I am... READ MORE

Passing out After Taking off Binder?

I have seen a lot of posts by women that mention becoming faint or actually passing out after removing their binder for a shower after a tummy tuck.... READ MORE

Passed Out 3 Weeks Post-Op Tummy Tuck, is This Dizziness Normal?

I had surgery 15 days ago. Two nights latter, at home, while I went to the bathroom I started feeling dizzy. I sat and blacked out. My girlfriend said... READ MORE

Injections After Seroma Made We Pass Out- What Was Is?

I had a TT,lipo, thigh lift,and breast aug 15 days ago.I developed a volleyball-like mass in my lower ab,upper pubic area. Dr said it was seroma.He... READ MORE

Six Days After my Tummy Tuck, I Fainted While Sitting in a Chair and Fell to the Floor. It Was After Meeting with my PS?

Since I was still in my doctors building, my husband took me back up to see her. She wasn't concerned (other than making sure I didn't hit my head),... READ MORE

Have I Injured Myself From Fainting Post-Op?

On the night after my mini TT I fainted while sat on the bed, I fell back while my feet remained on the floor, when I came round there was a lot of... READ MORE

Am I doing too much? Does my belly button looks weird? Micropore tape (Photo)

I had my tumm tuck on 9/23/15 with muscle repair. On my one week check up my doctor remove the drainage and stitches. He put micropore tape and said... READ MORE

I have a condition of vasovagal fainting. Could this be contributing to this response and should I discontinue or lessen use?

I am currently 9 days post surgery (tummy tuck). My fainting episodes have lessened. However the last 3 times have all been after removing my... READ MORE

1 Is fucidine cream enough for infection? 2 Is fainting related to my tummy tuck? 3 Can vitamins affect my tummy tuck? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck three weeks ago my scar looks good but my belly button started to look weird a week ago My dr prescribed fucidine cream once a day... READ MORE

Is it procedure to discharge a full TT w/lypo PT displays episodes of syncope, BP very low admin fluids 7hrs post op.?

Scheduled for followup 5pm next day. Next morning symptoms worsen. Lips blue I returned that morning. Diag dehydrated bad react to anestysia. Was... READ MORE

14 days post TT and just started oozing liquid could it be infection? (Photos)

I just started oozing a bit of liquid with foul odor just yesterday, today as I got ready to shower I took off garment and felt like fainting. I sat... READ MORE

Feel faint and hot when I try and remove garment for shower 4 days po. Is this a normal reaction?

I had the green light from the surgeon to have a shower at first app though almost pass out and go very weird when I even begin removing my garment. I... READ MORE

Nausea after 5 days post op from abdominoplasty and removing binder. Is this normal?

Everything is going well but when I take the abdominal binder off to change dressings I get super nauseated and feel weak. My muscles start to spasm... READ MORE

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