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Failed Abdominoplasty/Hernia Repair, What Should I Do?

I had an abdominoplasty/double hernia repair in Oct 2010. About 4 months after the procedure I noticed extreme stomach distention to the point of... READ MORE

What caused my failed muscle repair six months after TT? Is the second repair likely to fail? (Photo)

I had TT 5/27/14 was not happy so I had lipo of abdomen 8-2 still had a muffin top so I was cut circumfrentialy to remove excess skin & tissue 11-2... READ MORE

Did my Tummy tuck fail? (photos)

I had a full TT with Lipo six weeks ago, but I still have a bulge. I checked with my PS so he told me that there isn't any fluid collection, and I... READ MORE

Is Abdominoplasty and Hernia Repair Without Mesh Suggestible?

My Mom is 60 and already had 4 surgeries, her last surgery hernia repair with mesh has failed now. Doctor has advised us to go for Abdominoplasty and... READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision for Failed Muscle Repair?

4.2 petite lady had a full muscle repair 6 months ago all went well but had constipation issues.However the upper abdomen is distended.Surgeon feels... READ MORE

I need help!! No one knows why I'm still In horrible pain 2.5 years after a full Abdominoplasty that failed. (photos)

I had a full abdominoplasty in 2011. I had severe diastasis and tiny hernias on my abdominal wall repaired. I also ended up with necrosis and bad... READ MORE

Has my muscle repair failed? 5 months post TT (Photo)

Surgeon has agreed that I need revision soon to remove more fat from flanks ( one side particularly) but when I suck abdomen in it goes flat,... READ MORE

Failed muscle repair from tummy tuck? (Photo)

I know it's hard to say without examining me in person and yes, I will ask my surgeon when I see him, but I'm wondering if the MR in my TT failed.... READ MORE

I have had Postpartum Congestive heart failure twice. Would I be a candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

I had CHF in 2008 4 days after giving birth and in 2013 I was diagnosed with CHF 8 days after giving birth. Not on any meds currently. READ MORE

I feel that my tummy tuck was a total failure and a waste of money. Can I have revision? I'm 7 weeks post op. (Photo)

There is a lot of sagging skin around my tummy still sits over my lap, i had liposuction to the sides but it really has no difference. it just doent... READ MORE

6 months post op Tummy tuck fail, unhappy with the results. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck 6 months ago. I am not happy with my results. I look huge, like I am still pregnant. I feel had I have extra skin and that I need... READ MORE

Which Diagnostic Scan is Sufficient to Reliably Detect a Failed Diastasis Repair?

I'm certain MRI is the gold standard but are others (in capable hands) sufficient for most/all cases? READ MORE

Laproscopic Diastais Repair?

(Sorry for the Choppy Language in Details but Space Became Limited) Apparent failed repair (full TT - high lateral tension). Surgery went well,... READ MORE

Tummy tuck- muscle repair fail 3 years post op?

I had my TT in 9/2011. In the last year and a half I have noticed changes. At first the MR restricted my stomach capacity so I would get fuller faster... READ MORE

Has my TT failed? I exercise and haven't gained any weight but my tummy isn't flat anymore . What should I do? (Photo)

14 months post TT not flat anymore. I should mention I didn't have back lipo. PS said he didn't do back lipo with TT . READ MORE

Has my tummy tuck with muscle repair failed? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago, I was slim and totally flat until just before 6 weeks my stomach began to swell, Has my muscle repair failed, I've... READ MORE

How can you tell if the muscle repair failed? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck almost 6 months ago. I've never been flat. I thought at almost 3 months, I have fluid in my belly but the doctor said I have none.... READ MORE

Failed tummy tuck (muscle repair) or swelling? (Photo)

I'm concerned that my tummy tuck failed. I had a full TT with muscle repair and liposuction. I am 7 weeks PO right now my stomach is soft but still... READ MORE

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