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Can Teoysal Be Dissolved in the Jowls Area Around the Jawline?

I had it injected for the jowls but it wasnt really that bad as iam only 38, but now it has changed my jawline shape adding unattractive volume and... READ MORE

Bad Teosyal results, Better to dissolve it, adjust it or both? (photo)

I have been using fillers for 6 years.This time the doctor that did a great job last time failed using Teosyal.The product collected in the center of... READ MORE

Is this filler above my lip? (photos)

I previously posted a question similar to this. I then had the lump of filler dissolved. I waited months and then had my lips done again (this time... READ MORE

Bad Teosyal results, doctor is willing to adjust my lip with filler or Hyaluronidase? (photo)

Better to dissolve it, adjust it or both? I have been using fillers for 6 years.This time the doctor that did a great job last time failed using... READ MORE

Dissolve tear trough fillers with Hyaluronidase or wait it out?

I had teosyal redensity II injected into my tear troughs and the results are not good. I have a raised small bump on the left side which looks like... READ MORE

Has teosyal tear troughs filler disappeared or dissolved after just 2 - 3 weeks, is this normal? (photos)

I had 1ml of teosyal, 0.5 under each eye to improve my tear trough hollows. The initial results were great but as the needle sites healed the filler... READ MORE

Does teosyal fillers dissolve with heat?

I have been using a red light collagen bed and notice the fillers are less plump.They have been in for 6 months so not sure if its time they would... READ MORE

Can small amount of fillers that have migrated to nose be dissolved?

8 months ago I had my cheeks injected with Teosyl Ultra and my smile lines injected with Juvudurm, since then my nose started losing it defintion,... READ MORE

Removing Teosyal touchup.

It has been 2 years since the injection of Teosyal touchup under my eye. The substance created tony bumps and irregularities . I had two injections of... READ MORE

Teosyal injected on jawline 5yrs back. Tried to dissolve but left me with thick volume. Is it scar tissue or fat? (Photo)

It looks like I have thick jowls . I have had a macs lift which has done nothing to improve it. My surgeon is contemplating on removing fat from... READ MORE

Tear Trough Fillers Gone after 2 weeks, how many ml do you think I need? (photos)

I had Teosyal on 30th March, and by the time I'd gone for my 2 week check up, the hollows are back. I have very hollow eyes and this is what I wanted... READ MORE

Getting rid of Teosyal under eye?

I got theosyal injected under my eyes about 4 months a go. Is it too late to disolve it? I am not happy with the way i look. Also, i feel a little... READ MORE

Will hylaouronidase damage the eye area skin while trying to dissolve teosyal redensity 2?

I had Teosyal Redensity 2 injected in the under eye area, 2 weeks ago and the result was terrific. I had puffines and big bags. I went to my... READ MORE

Why have my lip fillers gone rock hard since I had antibiotics treatment and why won't they now dissolve? (photos)

Recently been in hospital had intravenous antibiotics, I noticed my teosyal kiss lip fillers I'd had about two months before (that healed completely... READ MORE

Got Teosyal injections 3 years ago and it still hasn't gone down. Any suggestions?

I got an injection on one side of the lip as it was smaller than the other. It still hasn't dissolved and it hurts a little sometimes and still swells... READ MORE

I'm two weeks post- Teosyal Kiss injection in my lips, and still experiencing pain? Is this normal? (photo)

I got Teosyal lip injections two weeks ago, but most product was used in my upper lip. With my bottom lip, the filler has superficially formed an... READ MORE

7 months of redness from fillers. Permanent? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Photos)

I had Teosyal Ultra Deep injected in my nose 7 months ago. Had intense redness immediately after without mottling or necrosis. The redness on top of... READ MORE

Hit in lip after bad experience with teosyal.

After a bad lip filler experience using teosyal ultimate and trying to disolve it using hyalase with no success I was headbutted my a 1 year old with... READ MORE

Infection and allergic reaction after injection with Teosyal Filler (Utra deep Teosyal-Hyaluronic acid) in left cheek?

I have been treating from the allergic reaction to the Teisyal filler for a month. I was given Augmentin (1g) and Gupison. The infection is gone but... READ MORE

Should I pay for lip dissolver to correct a lump or should the lady who did them correct it for free?

I had my lips done three time now by the same person , had teoysal kiss 8 months ago got a lump inside my lip it doesnt hurt but will i hav e to get... READ MORE

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