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Can TCA Peel Minimize Large Pores?

I'm 26 yrs old, female and i have large pores, a workmate of mine told me that TCA peel can minimize large pores.She told me, she used to have large... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel Made my Previous Scars Larger, What Now? (photo)

I did a 30% peel only on the area near my chin where the large scars are seen and 15% on the rest of my face after successfully doing a 10% all over.... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Improved After TCA Peel, But Acne Scars Are Worse?

I regularly use 40- 50% glycolic acid peels 1-2x month to help with old hyperpigmentation and shallow acne scars. I wasn't getting quite the... READ MORE

Does TCA cross method made acne scars look bigger and worse before getting better?

Last night I just performed TCA cross method on myself at home with a tooth pick. I am so nervous now because my scars are much bigger today. I am... READ MORE

How Long to Peel on a 20% TCA Peel for the Eyes?

I had a 20% peel around my eyes, upper and lower lids and crows feet. A full 3 days after the peel, the skin around my eyes has become slightly darker... READ MORE

Something wrong with my skin after TCA? (Photo)

I recently ordered TCA Acid 50% off of Amazon, it's supposed to get rid of birthmarks. I put some of the acid peel on it and then sealed it with a... READ MORE

15% TCA peel. It appears my wrinkles are worse and my skin is less taut. Could this be?

I have used 15% TCA Peel under one eye for Xanthelasma as well as wrinkles. It appears my wrinkles are worse and my skin is less taut. Could this... READ MORE

I had a TCA cross done at the doctors office about a week ago: Recovery question.

Had TCA cross done at the doctors office about a week ago, the scabs fell of two days ago and the holes look deeper and wider.She used a needle to... READ MORE

TCA Cross - Worried About Recovery Because Ice Pick Scars Look Worse.

Last October I peformed 100 tca cross on some ice pick scars and it really helped to fill out my scars on one side of my cheek but the other side the... READ MORE

Wrinkled, Brownish Thick Dry Skin After 25% TCA Peel

I recently did a 25% TCA peel at home. I am on day 3 and my skin looks like a 90 year old woman and I am only 32! I am also noticing that one area in... READ MORE

My Skin Getting Worse After TCA Peel. Can This Be Healed?

I started a CO2 medlite laser treatment to remove my birthmark. After 5 sessions,the results is not significant.So my derma gave me a TCA peel.However... READ MORE

Have you witnessed depressed (acne) scars get worse from TCA cross?

Of course any procedure has its risks, but i am curious whether this is common. Have any practitioners who perform TCA cross seen patients whos... READ MORE

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