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Eyebrow Tattoo Removal - Brazil, BR

I've had a permant tattoo makeup in my eyebrows 3 months ago and I hated it! It was too dark, black, and uneven. I don't know why I did it, my eyebrows were perfect, I thought it would help me. I got so depressed and started looking for solutions (I also started going to therapy!!).I started... READ MORE

I am so ashamed of this tattoo and it is making me so depressed.

I don’t even know where to begin… It’s such a long story. I’m a 26 year old teacher and I had 18 tattoos already prior to getting this one. I have them all over my legs, on my feet, one on my wrist and a large one on my shoulder blade. I loved the way shoulder tattoos looked and decided... READ MORE

It happened to me as well:))

Hi, guys. I've been on this site reading different reviews since may 2016. I nev r thougt there are so many people facing the same problem as me. To be honest, Every time i come here I feel much better and have some hope, that i can fix my mistake with the tattoo. I got my tattoo on 11 of April.... READ MORE

Regret Black and Grey Upper Arm Tattoo

2 month ago I got my Tattoo on my upper arm. Since that moment I've been regretting this so much. Now I'm thinking about to get a tattoo removal. I went to my first consultation at "Tattoo X" in munich. They told me that I have a good chance that my tattoo will fade COMPLETELY with several... READ MORE

Feel Sick and Depressed Due to New Tattoos! - Melbourne, AU

I'm 27 and got 2 new tattoos a few days ago and ever since I have been crying on and off, feel sick,depressed, loss of appetite and bad anxiety. I just want them gone! I want to turn back the clock and not get them. I seriously feels like a bad dream. The tattoos were planned, I got a tattoo of... READ MORE

Removing a black outline tattoo

Hello. I'm 19 years old and I've done what I always wanted - I got a tattoo. I was thinking about it for two years and I really THOUGHT I wanted it. But ever since I got it I've been depressed. Things I haven't considered previously are coming to my mind and I feel like I'll fall apart. I feel... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - India, IN

Hi I want to remove this two month old tattoo.This has ruined my life.Its been two month I am so sick.I spoiled my arm.Feeling so depressed. Can I get my flawless skin back and would I be able to remove this completely.This is professionally done and ca0,00482 mm deep according to artist... READ MORE

ugh - Atlanta, GA

Hello realselfers!! I've stalked this site for about a year now and my personal frustration has led me to finally reach out to you all. I started my treatments 11 months ago!!!! I've gone religiously (19 times to be exact) and $2000 smack-a-Roos later it's still not completely GONE! I'm... READ MORE

24 Year Old Girl, Two Tattoos That I Hate, One is Getting Coverup Soon

Hello... I don't know what's been wrong with me, but since I too the other one of these tattoos I hate, I didn't tell for my parents of that and I've been hiding it in public places and everywhere. Now it's getting summer and it's very hot to wear long sleeves all the time and peolple are... READ MORE

23 Years Old South Africa Got a Tattoo After a Breakup Regretting It Big Time Causing Me to Become Depressed

I got a tattoo after a breakup that i had - I ended up getting a pocket watch,Rose and wings with a neurotic informed decision - I wanted my Ex to want me back and this was the ordeal i took - Im now level headed and i hate the tattoo the wings are not symmetric and average i got the doves and... READ MORE

Anxiety and Panic After Tattoo

Hi, I'm reaching out on here since it seems like such a supportive community. 2months ago I got a new tattoo. It's a large design 1/2 flower & pattern on my ankle/leg to cover an old coloured tattoo I got years ago. I loved it after the first session but after the second - when the artist... READ MORE

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