White + Tattoo Removal

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Is It Possible to Completely Remove a White Ink Tattoo? If So, Will the Skin Still Have the Outline of the Tattoo After?

I was considering IPL but was told white ink turns dark and is harder to remove. Then I asked a lady about using TCA and she said the skin would have... READ MORE

White Ink Tattoo Removal?

Hi! I have a tattoo that is mostly black, but has some white on the tips. How does removal of the white pieces work? Can I ask the specialist not to... READ MORE

Can my tattoo that has some white ink in it be removed by laser? (Photo)

I've read that white ink runs the risk of turning grey/brown/black when it is lasered. Is it true that once it changes colour, it may become... READ MORE

Can my Tattoo Be Removed? (photo)

My tattoo is 4 months old and has lots of white some yellow and red I'm worried these colours won't remove well. Can my skin ever look like it used to... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove my black and white tattoo? (Photo)

I loved my tattoo initially, but then it got messed up because I went swimming too soon after getting it. I tried having it fixed, but it only made it... READ MORE

3 days ago I got a very small hot pink tattoo (red and white mixed ink) Can it be removed? (Photo)

Do you think this is easy to remove? I've researched that white tattoo ink can go black when lasered -and as it was used to make the color I'm a... READ MORE

Removing White Lining in Tattoos? (photo)

My tattoo has mostly black ink, however I do have white ink lining some of the letters. I have heard that you can not remove white ink. Is this true? READ MORE

Can PicoSure remove medium colorful tattoo in arm 15cm yellow, orange and little white? (photo)

Im in really bad situation this tattoo is new the artist did bad job and i stop it in the middle can picosure laser help in my situation?If yes how... READ MORE

Any suggestions on removing a black tattoo with white ink mixed?

I've got a black tattoo, but to achieve depth, the tattoo artist added white ink with the black. I now want it removed, will the white ink come out... READ MORE

Pink skin a week after tattoo removal? (photo)

Is it normal to have pinkish/white skin after scab has fallen off from tattoo removal? would this be considered hypopigmentation? and is it permanent?... READ MORE

Is it part of the removal proccess for my tattoo to turn white, rather than disappear, 2-3 months into my treatment?

Ive been in the process of removing a tattoo on my arm for over 1 now. Im up to my 8th session & after my last session it has been 2 months. My tattoo... READ MORE

I got this tattoo Dec 2013.1st removal apt in a week using Picosure. Whats the chance for full removal? (photo)

This tattoo did not translate from paper to my skin as I thought it would. I am really hoping for a full removal. The colors that make up the tattoo... READ MORE

Any suggestions for white tattoo removal/fading?

I got a small white tattoo on my finger and was told it would fade away within 6 months so I thought hey! Why not do it? But now am regretting it. Is... READ MORE

I regret my large colorful tattoo on my chest. Can it be removed?

I had a tattoo but I am regretting it so much I am in constant mental pain and physical pain. I can't focus, I can't keep a conversation without... READ MORE

Will Emla numbing cream reduce the fading after getting laser treatments? (photo)

I have had 7 treatments of Picoway and got great fading in the beginning, but the results lately have been less noticeable since there are less ink... READ MORE

Can white ink be removed with laser? (photo)

I have black and grey tattoo that I consider too dark. So I wanna remove it but it's too expensive. My tattoo artist said he can add white ink but i... READ MORE

Do I have realistic expectations for neck tattoo removal? Is it even possible? (Photo)

I got this tattoo about a year and a half ago when I wasn't thinking right. It came out nothing like expected and I would like to either remove it or... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation after tattoo removal.

This doctor messed my leg up trying to do tattoo Removel , it look like I got chicken pops on my leg from white spots and dark spots, I'm thinking... READ MORE

If White Ink Turns Black During Removal, is It then Impossible to Remove?

I'm considering removing my lynx-tattoo, since I hate it. The whiskers are in white and doesn't need to be removed, but they cross areas of black,... READ MORE

Can White Ink Be Removed at All?

I have a black tattoo lettering that has white ink in and around it. If I try to get this removed by laser what will happen? If the white ink gets... READ MORE

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