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Lasting Redness After Laser Tattoo Removal

I fear that I have become severly burned by laser Tattoo removal. Where there was a giant blister there is now a lot of redness. When I press on it,... READ MORE

Lasting Redness After Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

I had my first laser tattoo removal session approximately 4 weeks ago. I'm concerned the laser may have been turned up too high. 4 weeks down the line... READ MORE

5 Days After Having Tattoo Removal It's Really Red Around the Area, is It Normal?

5 Days After Having Tattoo Removal It's Really Red Around the Area, is It Normal? READ MORE

I Am Having a Tattoo Removed On My Stomach, It's Leaving Red Marks, How Can I Get Rid of These?

I am having part of a tattoo removed of my stomach with an ND YAG Q SWITCH LASER and it is leaving faint red marks and they are not going away, I am... READ MORE

Light Brown Tattoo turning red? (photo)

The situation. I went to one treatment center for my first 3 sessions (all spaced between 6-8 wks) and the Dr. did not want to touch the light brown... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal 4th Appt? (photo)

This week I had my 4th appointment and noticed that the practitioner finished quicker than normal. The immediate redness and swelling was not... READ MORE

I used to have permanent eyebrows. The colour was too dark and I had it removed with laser. Can't get rid of redness! (Photo)

The results was devastating. It has been exactly 2 years since I have had the laser. My brows is still so red, that I can not go a day without having... READ MORE

I started tattoo removal on a tattoo which runs from my collar bone down my shoulder. Should I be bleeding post treatment?

Post treatment it has bled significantly. My intentions are to have it faded enough to cover with light watercolor to match the rest of my half sleeve... READ MORE

Redness and Tattoo Removal.

Just over a year ago I was treated with the wrong wavelength and suffered some scarring. Today, the redness is not as bad but is still there. I... READ MORE

Will my tattoo ever go away? (photos)

I am 10 laser treatments in. I had 9 with q-switched and 1 with picosure. I am almost 3 weeks post picosure and I am seeing a lot of redness/brown... READ MORE

Will this redness on my tattoo removal go away?

I laser tattoo removal 8 months ago and the girl who did it obviously didn't know what she was doing. After the laser removal was done she used a... READ MORE

Redness after eyebrows tattooed removal, is this normal? (photos)

I recently had eyebrows tattooed removal with medlite laser, and I'm very worried because after the first treatment I got today, the treated area... READ MORE

Had Quanta Q 5 days ago, worried about the redness of tattoo and there is no improvement, advice? (photos)

Im worried about the redness on my feet. I had a session with the quanta q plus 5 days ago (27th). All the yellow and red spots were targeted. The... READ MORE

I'm 4 weeks after my 3rd session of laser tattoo removal. Is the redness and scared looking skin suppose to be this way? (photo)

I'm scared that the technician may have used too high of a voltage and I may have gotten burned by the laser. Will the redness go away as time goes on... READ MORE

Tried MedliteC6, Ink is Fading but Being Replaced by Redness/browning? (photo0

I had 7 sessions w/ the MedliteC6 for a small 1.5" outline tattoo (no shading). The ink was black & not mixed. I see fading, but everytime I got... READ MORE

Tried MedliteC6, Ink is Fading but Redness Appears Permanent and Blotchy? (photo)

I had 7 sessions w/ the MedliteC6 for a small 1.5" all outline tattoo (no shading). The ink was black & not mixed. The outlines look wider and my... READ MORE

How do I get rid of lasting redness after laser tattoo removal? Not ink.

I'm getting my tattoo removed, and after the last time there was some redness surrounding my all black tattoo. It's gotten lighter, however it's been... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal: Can Ice Packs Increase The Risk Of Bruising? (Photo)

Asking on behalf of blackink. Can ice packs used prior to treatment cause or increase the risk of bruising? "I feel like the bruising is from the ice... READ MORE

2 months post op, my permanent eyebrows makeup removed after 2 days all the skin on my brow fall off. Any suggestion? (photo)

I was told once the reddness go away she will then inject into the scars and it will flat the keloid scars and my hair will grow back .is it true? READ MORE

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