Darkening + Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal Turned the Pink Ink in my Tattoo Darker, How Can This Be Removed?

Are more laser treatments needed? I'm also wondering what wavelength will remove the darkened pink ink. READ MORE

Darkening after laser tattoo removal. What do I do next? Vbean, Fraxel? First photo is before my last treatment. (photo)

15 treatments on Medlite. and it was going well until the last one. Last treatment I think my technician messed it up or there was something wrong... READ MORE

I have had more than 16 sessions for tattoo removal and it is getting darker instead of fading. What should I do? (photo)

I have a tattoo and I went to a tattoo remover laser clinic to remove it and i have done about more the 16 session and the tattoo still there... READ MORE

Laser removal eyebrow tattoo has caused oxidising of the pigments. What's my best option? (Photo)

Had the first treatment of laser removal on My eyebrow tattoo. When i had them tattooed they went a greenish blue colour..since ive had the laser,... READ MORE

Oxidisation- is it likely? I need it gone! (photos)

Hi I currently can't have a patch test due to pregnancy. This leaves me very anxious as I hate this bright and prominent tattoo. The ink brand is... READ MORE

My eyebrow tattoo removal test spot went darker, should I go through with laser removal?

I have eyebrow tattoo's that I dislike and would like removed. They are about 8 years old and have been touched up almost every year in brown ink. A... READ MORE

Is there a specific laser that would target just black w/o darkening my white?

Two weeks ago, I got my white ink tattoo on my back. However, the tattoo artist added grey ink to the lining of it. I want to keep the white but... READ MORE

My Eyebrow Tattoo turned char-black after the first tattoo removal session, how long till they get light again?

I had Eyebrow tattoo done a few years back. I'm white, and the tattoo was originally brown turned extremely-lighy-brown almost skin color. I just had... READ MORE

Eyebrow tattoo removal darkened one area and faded everything else. Why did this happen, and can it be corrected?

I had my eyebrows tattooed five years ago. Starting back this July I began the process of removing them. I have gone through two sessions thus far.... READ MORE

Darkening of eyebrow permanent makeup after Q switched laser removal. Any suggestions?

I had a permanent make up on my eyebrows ,after 2 treatments and rather fading of the color ,right after the third session the color turned darker... READ MORE

I am having Laser tattoo removal on my eyebrows! How many treatment do you need to see results? (Photos)

I have had my eyebrows tattooed last October and not being happy with the results. I have had my 1st Lazer treatment on them! and they have turned... READ MORE

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