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SmileDirectClub (previously SmileCareClub) is an invisible, teeth-aligning treatment you can order and use at home. After being approved through an assessment test, a dental impression kit is mailed to you with instructions. You take an impression, mail it back, and aligners are customized to your needs. A series of trays will be worn over four to eight months to gradually correct spacing issues, overcrowding, or rotations. This product is called Your Smile Direct in the U.K.

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Smile Direct Club

I had braces as a young adult and after having all wisdom teeth removed and lost retainer my teeth gradually shifted back so I decided to try smile direct after learning they were a fraction of the price of invisaligns. I had a 3d scan done in office and was told that I would need to do... READ MORE

Crowded and Rotated Teeth - Philadelphia, PA

Currently, I'm waiting for my treatment plan. Anxiously waiting to see that email, which should be by the end of this week. I had plans to write a review each step of the way, but it slipped my mind. So, instead I'll just give an abridged version. I was very skeptical. After doing my research... READ MORE

Smile Direct Club Journey- Las Vegas

So after having my braces off for over 15 years my teeth have shifted so bad and I'm starting to hate smiling. I signed up with smile direct club after my dentist told me that he could do aligners for 4500. I'm there is no way I could afford that but saw the option for Smile Direct and their... READ MORE

Starting the SmileDirectClub Process

I first heard about Smile Direct Club at the very beginning of 2016. I thought it sounded like a wonderful thing to do. I had braces in high school but never wore my retainer after I got them off and my teeth have shifted. My teeth are not horrible, the bottoms are nearly perfect however on the... READ MORE

My Smile Direct Club Experience - Nashville, TN

I started Smile Direct Club (Questionaire & Photo Assessment) on 4/29/2016. Photo Assessment was approved and I purchased my first impression kit 5/05/2016. I received my first impression kit 5/11/2016 and mailed them back 5/14/2016 (I know I took forever lol). Lab received impressions... READ MORE

Extremely Detailed Timeline of my SDC Process

I agree with other posters that the communication with this company is spotty. I have found that their website continually updates your account to show which step they are on. This makes up for their inconsistent communication. I will include my extremely detailed timeline here to help calm the... READ MORE

Straightening my Teeth... Again.

I had braces as a teen and 10 years later my teeth needed some work (wear your retainers!) I didn't feel like wasting 5000+ on traditional braces so decided to give SmileDirectClub a try. 9/1/16- Sent in pictures for smile assessment which were approved the same day. 9/2/16- Ordered... READ MORE

Smile Direct Club for my One Crooked Tooth - Oakland, CA

I just got my aligners in the mail yesterday. I put them on and they didn't feel too tight. Taking them on and off is a pain and it kinda hurts. You can't eat while wearing your aligners so on the plus side it will keep me from mindlessly snacking. I also got the whitening gel that comes with... READ MORE

26 Year Old Professional, FINALLY Fixing my Teeth

I have hated my teeth FOREVER. I remember asking my parents for braces at age 13 (who asks for braces?) and they told me they couldn't afford it. My teeth weren't as bad then as they are now. Unfortunately nail biting, time and wisdom teeth set them even more off course and now I'm an adult who... READ MORE

Getttinf Brace Again

I had brace when I was 13 but I didn't wear my retainer so my teeth are looking bad again. My main issue is the right center tooth is protruding out. When people look at me from Side my right center tooth is forward than other teeth which makes my teeth looks like horse teeth. And the bottom 4... READ MORE

Smile Direct Club

When I first looked into this company I wasn't sure about them but I can honestly say that taking the risk and going for it has really helped a lot. Smile direct club has been very precise with me and has had outstanding customer service overall. A little more than four weeks ago I had taken my... READ MORE

Excited to get this process started its been a long time coming Charlestown, WV

I'll give a review as soon as my starter kit arrives. I'm super pumped and ready for this journey. I read a lot of reviews to make sure that I'm making the right decision and so far so good with what I've read I just don't like the fact that some poles it took so many calls and emails to get... READ MORE

37 Years Old, Wanting to Love my Smile - Cincinnati, OH

I sent my impressions back last Friday. Prior to doing so I left a message for SDC to call me, as I wanted to change how I would pay. I still have yet to hear back from them. Today I received an email stating that they were starting to make my align era and I should call them to confirm... READ MORE

Purchased SmileDirectClub for protruding tooth (snaggletooth) I want to Straighten out - California

Hi, all. I am starting this review for anyone who has teeth similar to mine & wanna do their research on SDC. I looked up videos on youtube & anything I SDC related to see it I should give it a go. I just never saw anyoe with a problem similar to mine, so maybe someone can benefit form... READ MORE

40 Years Old First Time Braces - Lakeland, FL

I have always wanted to fix my teeth, and i finally was able to do that through smile direct. I slacked a little bit on the impression kit while I got dental work to prepare for my aligners. I had my approval within a week and my treatment plan within a week on September 23rd. I was given a... READ MORE

Step-By-Step Review of Smile Direct Club - Nashville, TN

I came across Smile Direct Club during a Groupon search for lip fillers in my area (my best friend and I are preparing to get lip fillers in December. The Groupon caught my eye because my teeth have been really bothering me lately. I had braces in high school and when they were removed I loved,... READ MORE

21 Years Old - Need to Fix Gap and Etc

Hello I just learned about smile direct club and decided to go for it when I used a groupon. On 11/06/16 I purchased my smile assessment kit Submitted my photos On 11/07/16 My impressions kit was sent out On 11/12/16 Impressions kit received 11/15/16 Impressions kit completed... READ MORE

Hoping to Fix my Smile with SmileDirectCLub - Brooklyn, NY

I first heard through SDC through Instagram late last year. I have been doing some digging, reading reviews, etc., and have heard a lot of bad things about their customer service. I decided to try them after they opened an office in Brooklyn where they take the 3d scan and all pics since I was... READ MORE

My Journey with Smile Direct Club and Crooked Teeth!

I have always been self conscious about my crooked teeth, especially when i was younger. I would try to hide my teeth when i smiled. Im 28 now and although I am not nearly as self-conscious, I still would love to have a beautiful smile. A few years ago my husband and I decided that I would do... READ MORE

My Smile Direct Journey - New York City, NY

When I was younger my teeth came in very crooked but over the years they straighten out but nowhere near where they should be. I've always been self conscious of my crooked teeth and wanted them to be straight. I've heard good things about smile direct and I decided to go for it. I hope for the... READ MORE

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