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SmileDirectClub (previously SmileCareClub) is an invisible, teeth-aligning treatment you can order and use at home. After being approved through an assessment test, a dental impression kit is mailed to you with instructions. You take an impression, mail it back, and aligners are customized to your needs. A series of trays will be worn over four to eight months to gradually correct spacing issues, overcrowding, or rotations.

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Smile Direct Club for my One Crooked Tooth - Oakland, CA

I just got my aligners in the mail yesterday. I put them on and they didn't feel too tight. Taking them on and off is a pain and it kinda hurts. You can't eat while wearing your aligners so on the plus side it will keep me from mindlessly snacking. I also got the whitening gel that comes with... READ MORE

Started out Hopeful, Now I'm Seriously Doubtful!!

I don't have major issues with the "look" of my teeth, but have a deep bite with some rotated teeth. I sent in my impressions (first set was rejected) and after evaluating what I had hoped they could fix, they responded with a treatment plan that essentially states that, "Yes, we can do that for... READ MORE

My SmileDirectClub Journey

Originally I wanted to keep my gap while straightening my top teeth (overbite) and fixing the crowding in my bottom teeth. I originally started this last year but never sent my pics in. I took the pics and realized I really needed to work on the overall health of my mouth first. Deep cleanings... READ MORE

Adult Looking to Revise Smile After Teen Braces - Chicago, IL

Like many others here, I was fortunate enough to have parents who paid out the nose for braces and orthodontic treatment for me when I was somewhere around 11-14 or so. I had shark teeth, over jet, terrible name it, I had it. I wasn't as compliant as my doctor had hoped with my... READ MORE

Smile Direct Club - Closing My Gap!

I have been doing research on what Smile Direct Club (SDC) has to offer and I came across this website. I wanted to document my journey thus far and let anyone else who is considering trying SDC out know what to expect. I started my journey with SDC at the beginning of this year, January?, and... READ MORE

Can't Hurt to Try

I have always been extremely self conscious of my teeth since I was a child. I was never able to get braces when I was younger due to the fact my parents could simply not afford them (and now as an adult traditional braces aren't exactly out of the option, but it would be nice to save a lot of... READ MORE

Never Smiling Because of Rotated Front Teeth :(...

And I've always DREADED photos. I am writing this review especially for those of you with rotated teeth as I found very few similar cases to mine when I was researching my options. And by options I mean, keep on dreading photos/not smiling or Smile Direct Club. That's it. That's all I can afford... READ MORE

27 Year Old with Crooked Teeth After Braces

I had braces from 2002-2005 and after my wisdom teeth came in combined with not wearing my retainer enough, my teeth became even more crooked than prior to braces. I have been extremely self conscious about my smile my entire adult life because of this. I came across Smile Direct Club in Groupon... READ MORE

24 Y/o Student Who Wore Braces for Five Years and Teeth Have Overcrowded - Miami, FL

Hello! I am just beginning my journey with SmileDirect Club. A little about me -- I wore braces for five years and had perfectly straight teeth for about 3 years. Then, I lost my retainer and never repurchased a new one, so my teeth have shifted quite a bit. In particular, as you can see in my... READ MORE

Using Smile Direct Club to Close Gaps

I never had braces and I've always been self conscious of the gaps between my teeth. They are about 1/8 of an inch between both canine teeth and my front teeth. I had been saving up for veneers, but a few friends had started using Smile Direct Club and were happy with it, so I figured I would... READ MORE

37 Years Old, Wanting to Love my Smile - Cincinnati, OH

I sent my impressions back last Friday. Prior to doing so I left a message for SDC to call me, as I wanted to change how I would pay. I still have yet to hear back from them. Today I received an email stating that they were starting to make my align era and I should call them to confirm... READ MORE

My Experience with SmileDirect

I started wearing my first set of aligners last night. They are tight but not painful and do feeling like the might be doing something. My concern is that I looked over my treatment plan carefully and at the end of 8 months it should have fixed the crowding in my lower front and upper two... READ MORE

Almost Perfect

Initially, I started out slow, due to doing my own Impression 5x before getting accepted. I was on the 6 month plan switching out my retainers every two weeks. Those first six months were Breeze. But at the end of the six months, my teeth were still crooked. My first set of refinements... READ MORE

19, Busy College Student

I started SDC because I always wanted perfectly straight teeth. I only have minor crookedness (not sure if I would consider it crowding) that needed to be fixed but with just $250 down and $99 a month it was definitely an affordable way to get the straighter teeth I've been wanting, so why... READ MORE

14 Months of Aligned and No More Gaps!

I started Smile Club direct aligners in April of 2016. A representative came to my home and took very detailed images of my teeth, then o began the process. There was minimal communication between me and the company, big in those few occasions I had questions I was responded to promptly by email... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Never Had Braces, Slight Crowding Issue

I am beginning my journey with SmileDirectClub, I received my impression retake kit today, a day earlier than expected. Their shipping has always been super fast both directions. When I sent my first impressions back, 2 business days later I had an email that I needed a retake. Which, I was... READ MORE

Not Sure About Smiledirectclub - New York, NY

So I'm not sure what happened, but one day I saw a picture of myself and was like wow that front tooth looks so bad. I guess it's kinda like when you gain some weight - you don't realize that it's getting bad and then all of a sudden you're like whoa! How did I get here? So anyway I heard about... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Never Had Braces!

Found SmileDirectClub and instantly started looking into them. Since I was a little girl I was very embarrassed by my teeth as it looks like I have been eating rocks for breakfast. I have dealt with bullying just because of my teeth and others could afford braces and I couldnt. So when I saw SDC... READ MORE

26 Year Old Professional, FINALLY Fixing my Teeth

I have hated my teeth FOREVER. I remember asking my parents for braces at age 13 (who asks for braces?) and they told me they couldn't afford it. My teeth weren't as bad then as they are now. Unfortunately nail biting, time and wisdom teeth set them even more off course and now I'm an adult who... READ MORE

Kids all have straight teeth, now it's mama's time!

I was pretty nervous to begin this process as it seemed too good to be true. I have heard people talk about it taking forever for their impressions to be approved, etc. but my experience has been awesome. They answer my questions promptly and once when I had strep throat I had to call in to see... READ MORE

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