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SmileDirectClub (previously SmileCareClub) is an invisible, teeth-aligning treatment you can order and use at home. After being approved through an assessment test, a dental impression kit is mailed to you with instructions. You take an impression, mail it back, and aligners are customized to your needs. A series of trays will be worn over four to eight months to gradually correct spacing issues, overcrowding, or rotations.

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Using Smile Direct Club to Close Gaps

I never had braces and I've always been self conscious of the gaps between my teeth. They are about 1/8 of an inch between both canine teeth and my front teeth. I had been saving up for veneers, but a few friends had started using Smile Direct Club and were happy with it, so I figured I would... READ MORE

Not Sure About Smiledirectclub - New York, NY

So I'm not sure what happened, but one day I saw a picture of myself and was like wow that front tooth looks so bad. I guess it's kinda like when you gain some weight - you don't realize that it's getting bad and then all of a sudden you're like whoa! How did I get here? So anyway I heard about... READ MORE

27 Year Old with Crooked Teeth After Braces

I had braces from 2002-2005 and after my wisdom teeth came in combined with not wearing my retainer enough, my teeth became even more crooked than prior to braces. I have been extremely self conscious about my smile my entire adult life because of this. I came across Smile Direct Club in Groupon... READ MORE

My SmileDirectClub Journey

Originally I wanted to keep my gap while straightening my top teeth (overbite) and fixing the crowding in my bottom teeth. I originally started this last year but never sent my pics in. I took the pics and realized I really needed to work on the overall health of my mouth first. Deep cleanings... READ MORE

19, Busy College Student

I started SDC because I always wanted perfectly straight teeth. I only have minor crookedness (not sure if I would consider it crowding) that needed to be fixed but with just $250 down and $99 a month it was definitely an affordable way to get the straighter teeth I've been wanting, so why... READ MORE

Totally Worth It!

YES it takes forever for the process to begin (taking and sending the impression kits & waiting for a response,) so be patient, but it REALLY does do the job. If you have healthy teeth, GO FOR IT! It's a slow process, your teeth have to move gradually, but you'll notice. I'm on tray 8 &... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 2nd Time Correcting Teeth After Losing my Retainer 12 Years Ago

I've been looking at fixing my teeth for the past couple years. When I got my braces on 17 years ago I had a gap and an underbite that needed to be corrected. After 3 years of braces my teeth were perfect but I lost my retainers and over time my teeth began to revert. I have a gap and an... READ MORE

It Works!!!

My family could never afford to get me braces and I thought I would have to pay $300 a month or more as an adult to get braces. When I came across smile care club as it was called when I first started I was ecstatic yet a bit skeptical. I was given the 20 tray system and I am thoroughly... READ MORE

Not sure...

I've been wanting to fix my teeth since forever and was originally saving up for Invisalign until I stumbled upon sdc on YouTube. I was super excited to be able to fix my smile at such an afforble price. I was a bit concerned about it working for me because most of the pictures on their website... READ MORE

Crowded and Rotated Teeth - Philadelphia, PA

Currently, I'm waiting for my treatment plan. Anxiously waiting to see that email, which should be by the end of this week. I had plans to write a review each step of the way, but it slipped my mind. So, instead I'll just give an abridged version. I was very skeptical. After doing my research... READ MORE

Smile Direct Club Experience!!!

I am a 20 yr old American Soldier that has always felt insecure about my space in my teeth. It was a hassle as a child asking your parents you wanted something when they didn't agree about your deficiencies. Also being in the military it is harder to braces services over seas because little... READ MORE

Can't Hurt to Try

I have always been extremely self conscious of my teeth since I was a child. I was never able to get braces when I was younger due to the fact my parents could simply not afford them (and now as an adult traditional braces aren't exactly out of the option, but it would be nice to save a lot of... READ MORE

40 Years Old

To straighten my crooked teeth and possibly help my overbite. I had braces when I was younger, but from extreme habits of grinding my teeth and having my lower retainer come off, my teeth began to rapidly shift on the bottom. My jaws were very sore and the shifting of my bottom teeth made my... READ MORE

Smile Direct Club - My Journal - Newport Beach, CA

Ok, so it looks like from all of the reviews I've been reading, a lot of people posting are super excited to share the beginning of their journey, but it's rare that anyone finishes and tells us how it turned out! So I'm determined to start this journey and log my review all the way through to... READ MORE

39 and Ready for a Better Me

Well as my title says, I want to work on feeling and being amazing. I'm trying to lose weight and I decided to also working on straightening my teeth a bit. I looked into Invisalign but it was over 4000 and my insurance doesn't cover it. Came across Smile Direct Club a while back but the closest... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Never Had Braces, Slight Crowding Issue

I am beginning my journey with SmileDirectClub, I received my impression retake kit today, a day earlier than expected. Their shipping has always been super fast both directions. When I sent my first impressions back, 2 business days later I had an email that I needed a retake. Which, I was... READ MORE

26 Year Old Professional, FINALLY Fixing my Teeth

I have hated my teeth FOREVER. I remember asking my parents for braces at age 13 (who asks for braces?) and they told me they couldn't afford it. My teeth weren't as bad then as they are now. Unfortunately nail biting, time and wisdom teeth set them even more off course and now I'm an adult who... READ MORE

Kids all have straight teeth, now it's mama's time!

I was pretty nervous to begin this process as it seemed too good to be true. I have heard people talk about it taking forever for their impressions to be approved, etc. but my experience has been awesome. They answer my questions promptly and once when I had strep throat I had to call in to see... READ MORE

SmileDirectClub Journey

I have never fully liked my smile. I was once going to get braces when I was younger but it didn't pan out so here I am at 26 years old about to start my smile makeover. I hope it's work it. I will be updating with pictures to come. Waiting on my first set of aligned trays at the moment. When... READ MORE

28 Yo, Correcting Gap Between Two Front Teeth

Never had braces before and over all my teeth are pretty straight, but I have a pretty large gap between my front two teeth and as I've gotten older, I've become more self-conscious about it. I just started my first set of trays yesterday, treatment plan is for 4 months but I love how they have... READ MORE

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