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How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

What do most procedures cost? Are there some cosmetic dentistry procedures that will give someone "more bang for my buck"? READ MORE

How "Dangerous" is It to Have my Overlarge 2 Front Teeth Filed Down?

I have overlarge front teeth. The teeth surrounding them are all normal sized and well-placed; my 2 front teeth don't simply appear overlarge... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix my Uneven Lips/smile? (photo)

The left side of my smile is very 'sharp' and distinct, which I love. The right side of my smile is very 'round' and low in comparison to the left... READ MORE

When I Smile or Talk, You Can't See my Upper Teeth, Have to Forced Smile It?

I had edge to edge teeth when i was younger had braces when i was in my 20's now my teeth are straight and no longer edge to edge, but the problem is... READ MORE

My Smile is Crooked, How Can I Get It Fixed? (photo)

I have had braces, and I am happy with my teeth, but my smile is "stronger" on one side of my face. (It has always been like this) You can... READ MORE

Can I Close a 5mm Gap Between my Front Teeth? In How Much Time? (photo)

Hello, i'm 27 and i wish so much to finally have the smile of my dreams! But..i have a 5 mm gap and an over jet of also 5 mm.Biting doesn't... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Crooked Mouth/lips/smile? (photO)

For years I have been self-conscious about the appearance of my mouth. My lips are asymmetrical on the top and bottom and I have empty space on either... READ MORE

I Have One Back Tooth That is Loose. I Suspect Bone Disease. If I Have It Removed, Will my Other Teeth Space Out? If So How Soon

Several years ago I was told I had minor bone loss in my lower back jaw. The pain went away with increased dental regimen. However, recently I have... READ MORE

My Frount Tooth Has Shifted Due to Gum Problems, Can This Tooth Be Fixed

My Frount Tooth Has Shifted Bad Due to Gum Problems Can This Tooth Be Fixed READ MORE

How Can I Move One Tooth into Position?

How can I move one tooth into position (canine)? I am halfway through Invisalign and because my one tooth wouldn't move, all my top aligners now... READ MORE

External Resorption: Tooth #26. What Are My Best Options?

I was recently rold by my dentist that I have External Resorption on tooth #26 and will have to have it removed. I am dreading the fact that I'll... READ MORE

My Two Front Teeth Are Not in the Middle and I Dont Have a Canine Tooth, Can I Do Anything

Just over 3 years ago i had my right canine tooth taken out because it had become flat in my gum and it wasn't in the right position to come out.... READ MORE

Can I Make my Smile Bigger and Wider? (photo)

I have six veneers. I want four more to build out my buccal corridor; however, I still do not think these will achieve the smile that I want. What... READ MORE

What Are My Options for Replacing Missing Lateral Incisors?

Missing lateral insicors,teeth have shifted a little after having braces removed and I may not have enough room for implants. I would also like my 2... READ MORE

Can an Extreme Overbite Be Corrected Quickly with a Cosmetic Smile Makeover?

How often do people come in for a fix to their overbite problem, hoping that a smile maker will be quick and easy solution, but end up with will a... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Lines on Teeth Resulting From Braces?

I had braces from the ages of 13 to 15, I am now 23. After the braces were removed I was left with these lines on my two front teeth. They are like... READ MORE

I have large front teeth. I am having reshaping and dental bonding. What is a realistic size they can be reduced too?

I am looking to have my upper teeth reshaped /contoured and have dental bonding also, I expect to have work done on the top 6 teeth. As you can see,... READ MORE

I Have a Big Long Mouth. How Do I Make it Smaller? (photo)

I have a big mount that gets long especially when I Talk Laugh or Smile. Can I make my mouth smaller or Proportionate? and if there any risk to loose... READ MORE

How to Close a Wide Gap Between my Front Teeth

I had Invisalign but I still have a gap between the front teeth and the top & bottom jaws are not closing perfectly. What can I do next? I... READ MORE

What are Contraindication of Enameloplasty?

What are contraindications of enameloplasty...i know that enameloplasty is done to make fissure or pits to make them self cleansable READ MORE

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