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Laser Treatment or Chemical Peels for Dark Armpits?

I'm Asian; me & my sisters have these dark underarms. I've had them ever since I was little and I have always been embarassed about raising my arm... READ MORE

What are skin lightening fix/products for bikini area and underarms?

Hi, I had dark skin in my underarms and bikini area. So I decided to use Marie Francis peeling oil - that was HUGE mistake because it initially burned... READ MORE

Hydroquinone is making me peel unevenly, is that a bad sign?

I've been using hydroquinone 20% on my face and it's making me feeling a little bit mainly on my chin and lower cheeks. I've been taking the skin by... READ MORE

Peeling with 10% hydroquinone, how to make it stop?

I have applied hydroquinone to my neck as i had dark patches on my neck, however it has now started peeling (the skin) and i want this to stop as i... READ MORE

Underarm Peeled and Whitening Cream?

Just had my UA(underarm) peeled,since 1st peeling session i didnt use deo now my UA got peeled, can i use my deo now? can i use whitening cream? derma... READ MORE

Should I continue using the hydroquinone cream or stop using it? I've experienced peeling and redness in my underarms.

Hello, I have dark underarm problem and went to a dermatologist for my problem. They prescribed me a hydroquinone cream. I used it for a month and... READ MORE

Why does my bottom lip have a dark ring on it? (photos)

I remember when I was a kid my grandma yelled at me when I would pickbat my lips. My lips didn't start getting chapped and dry until I started using... READ MORE

Do you know any cream to stop some redness? (Photo)

I've been using a peeling and bleaching cream and I'm not happy with the result, i can feel a burning sensation, and it really hurt, after a few days... READ MORE

Around my eyes has black pigment. I'm using 5% hydroquinone cream for 5 days & my skin has become wrinkly & peeling off. (photo)

Around my eyes are very black, my chin is slightly lighter but still dark and my nose and cheeks are a yellowish, light brown color. Without makeup I... READ MORE

As an African-American woman, how do I lighten my dark under arms? (Photo)

I have used hydroquinone 4% twice a day, but it did not work. Are there any bleaching agents that are more effective. The area is very dark. Should I... READ MORE

Hydroquinone and farmer's tan. Do you use an exfoliating wash before you use the hydroquinone cream? (Photo)

Hi there i posted about a month ago about using chemical peel to restore my farmer's tan and i was advised by Dr. Bryson Richards to use hydroquinone.... READ MORE

How to get rid of grey spots on face caused by bleaching?

Ive been using oxyglow bleaching cream for 3years..occasionally..and now iam getting grey spots on my face..they are increasing in diameter and when... READ MORE

After I peeled my neck it became dark again: Is there anything I can use to keep the new skin light?

What can I do I used one time this peeling oil my skin become light but then the dark skin came back so is there anything else I can use to keep my... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Skin lightening? (photos)

I have used aziderm 20% and adalpene for 3 mnths but improvement in skin lightening. Now I m using retina A Micro as prescribed by doc I just see... READ MORE

Can I go from fair to my old chocolate color? (photos)

I bleached my skin from chocolate to fair skin unknowingly,my aim was to get a shiny chocolate but now am fair,i realized when my skin started... READ MORE

How do I lighten the skin on my chest? It is darker than the skin surrounding it and on the rest of my body.

I am african american and the skin on my chest is darker than that of the skin surrounding it and on the rest of my body. I have never had chest... READ MORE

The skin around my inner thighs, vagina and anal area is dark, dry, peeling and red?

Is there any way I can get rid of this problem without having to see a doctor? Maybe a over the counter medication or home remedy READ MORE

How can my burnt intimate area's skin be treated?

Hi! I've used TCA 20% on my intimate area's skin and after the peeling has gone the skin seems to be alot darker than it was (i'm suspecting it got... READ MORE

Which fairness cream should I use to get a lighter complexion?

My skin tone is wheatish and skin type is combination. want to lighten my skin with few shades and want clear complexion. should i go for peeling. and... READ MORE

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