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How Can I Lighten Dark Skin on my Butt?

The skin on my buttocks is too dark! I'm Nigerian (female) but I noticed that my buttocks are much darker than my general skin tone. What treatments... READ MORE

Best options for getting rid of skin pigmentation in my inner thighs, bottom and under arms?

I am a 27 year female old from Australia with a Papua New Guinea/ Spanish background. I have light to mid coloured skin and the skin colour on my... READ MORE

Penis and buttocks lightening?

Hello I am a hispanic man, My issue I have is that my buttocks and genitels area is way darker than the rest of the body. Its close to being black. I... READ MORE

What are options to lighten private areas? Ethnic skin

Options for lightening the private areas the whole vaginal region and inside the buttocks. We all know that pornstars lighten but what procedures are... READ MORE

What is the best way to lighten skin on the butt and thighs? (photo)

I am an Indian male with medium brown skin but the skin on my butt and thighs are much darker than the rest of my body. Is there any efficient way to... READ MORE

My penis and buttocks are almost black. How to lighten them?

Im 27 year asian guy. Penis and buttocks are almost black remaining my body skin tone is fair. How to make them to remian body tone. READ MORE

Can you suggest treatment for dark skin on inner thighs and lower bums? (photo)

Hi..can you please suggest, treatment for ,Dark skin on lower buttocks and inner thigh's ( Problem could be 1, i am having fungal issues 2, i applied... READ MORE

My butt has darker skin than the whole of my body, and rough skin.. How can I get rid of it?

So, I feel ashamed to wear an underwear or a bathing suit... And I have an olive sort of skin, so comparing my butt to the whole of my body, its the... READ MORE

How can I get rid of 2 dark spots on my buttock? (Photo)

I am a student and I sit all day long, few months ago I realized I have 2 dark spots on my buttlock. What are those, how can I get rid of those? It... READ MORE

Discoloration between butt cheeks, what can I do to be rid of it? (Photo)

I am 17 and am beginning to have discoloration between my butt cheeks. What can I do to stop and get rid of it? READ MORE

What skin lightening cream will work if I used to have eczema?

I want to get rid of my dark spots on my buttocks, thighs, elbows, knees and armpit area. I have sensitive skin and I use to have eczema mostly on my... READ MORE

Suffering from skin discoloration. What can I do?

Respective doctors,i am male 20 y/o.i have dark thighs,buttocks,as well my folds of my legs.these areas are 3 times darker than my other areas.i have... READ MORE

Back, Stomach and Butt Are Darker Are Severely Darker Than the Rest of my Body? (photo)

I'm a black female teenager with light brown skin. But my butt, stomach and lower back are really black. In my baby pictures my body was all one skin... READ MORE

I'm 21 and getting married in 3 months. What's the best way to lighten my dark areas?

M fair n very beautiful.. bt my arms,inner tights,vagina and my butt area are very very dark.. plz help me out by suggestin any whitenin creams which... READ MORE

Can Dark Spots Between Thighs and Bottoms Be Removed?

I have dark spots on my inner thighs, bottoms and the skin fold of my private part. Also, on underarms. Is there a method to clear the skin out? READ MORE

How to lighten a very dark inner thighs and lower buttocks? (photos)

I am very light skinned with a very dark inner thighs and around my lower buttocks as well and it's really really embarrassing! is there any cream or... READ MORE

Skin Lightening Treatment for Lower Butt Area?

What Skin lightening treatment do you recommend to even out and lighten my skin on the lower butt area? My backside are gets darker as it goes higher.... READ MORE

How can I get rid of dark spots on my butt? (photo)

About 2 yrs ago I started getting butt acne for the very first time. It has left me with the worst dark spots on my butt. And it's extremely... READ MORE

I have dark inner thighs, buttocks and armpits. I am a very light fair skinned 16 year old boy. What natural options can I use?

What are natural and effective ways in which I can bleach and rejuvenate the skin and what type of natural treatments are recommended to allow skin... READ MORE

Skin Lightening on Buttocks Area

The skin on my buttocks and bikini line is too dark compare to my other parts. I have used many products to lighten it but there was no positive... READ MORE

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