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Silicone Breast Injection

In 1998 I had silicone injected straight into the breast. I now have three children and am very aware of huge lumps in my breasts, I had an ultrasound... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Nose and Lip Lumps from Silicone Injections?

I have lumps around my nose and lips from silicone injections. Is there no way to correct that? It is very obvious and irritating.   READ MORE

Removing Silicone Breast Injections and Get Implants After?

I had Silicone breast injections 7 years ago. Now, I can feel lumps on both sides but without pain. I  never also have not had (thankfully)... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Cheek Lumps from Silicone Injections?

I had silicone injections to my cheeks an now i have 3 small lumps on the side of my cheek that are very obvious?? Is there anything i can do to... READ MORE

What is the Reason for Hard Lumps After I Had Lip Reduction to Take out Some Injected Silicon?

Upper lip riduction, i had soft lumps. after the procedure i have really hard lump. i would like to know the reason for that (fibrosis?), and what is... READ MORE

Pain and Lump After Silicone Butt Injections

Im Having Mild Pain and a Lump the Size of a Golf Ball on One Side from Silicone Butt Injections. Help? READ MORE

Silikon Injection Problems Years Later?

Is there anyone who developed problems years later? Professor Peter Hutt and Tamara Tilleman,MD wrote in 2005 .." silicone became notorious for... READ MORE

Removing Silicone Injected on Hips?

I had Silicone injected in my hips almost 10 years ago. Now I have some lumps, bruising and it is shifting. I would like to get it removed but don't... READ MORE

I had a silicon butt injections and now it's sensitive and painful around the anal area. Is this normal? (photo)

What can I do to fix this I got silicon butt injections and bow one side of the anal area is sore and sensitive with bumps I can feel it's hard as... READ MORE

Can be butt be sculpted and remove the silicone at the same time?

I was injected with silicone about 8 years ago and I would like to get it removed. I went to a doctor and got a catscan done and the scan showed that... READ MORE

Injected Freely Silicon to the Breast and Butts 42 Years Old Female?

Please i need urgent advice i was doing before 6 years freely injected silicon to the breast and butts ;now i face hard lumps to my breast like in... READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Butt Injection, a lump was formed. Is this normal? (photo)

I got hydrogel injections about 2 weeks ago. It's my second time getting it done. I went to the tanning salon and immediately got this bump. It's not... READ MORE

Injected silicone in cheek?

I had injected silicone in my cheek 4 years ago became lump cheek. And a i had a dissolvable facelift last month i think the silicone spread to my... READ MORE

Silicone removal from my butt. Any suggestions?

I had silicone injections 2 years ago in my butt. This were not done by a licensed doctor. About a week ago i noticed 3 painful lumps on my butt... READ MORE

Would laser injections help to disintegrate and remove lumps of silicone?

I have been told that there are laser injections able to liquefy and disperse lumps of silicone injected in parts of our bodies. Has anyone ever heard... READ MORE

I have a problem with my lips after silicon injection. What should I do? (Photo)

Lumps and swelling all over my upper lip. I made a silicon injection only one time in my life. A month ago. I am in Saint martin for the next teo... READ MORE

Best doctor in US for Silicone buttock removal? (photos)

Hi doctors I have received unlicensed butt injection 5 years ago. As a result of the procedure I suffer from fever,sweating, tiredness, diziness. The... READ MORE

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