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I Accidentally Pulled out a Suture 5 Days After Septoplasty Surgery

Hello, I had septoplasty surgery on Friday July 8th. I had mucus and blood coming out of my nose for about 3 days and it stopped. Now I have a bunch... READ MORE

Large Internal Scabs 2 Years Post Septoplasty

Had Septoplasty 2 years ago to correct a deviated septum in an attempt to help my sleep apnea. I did not pick my nose at all after the surgery for... READ MORE

Can I Pick Nose After Septo-Rhinoplasty (Hump Removal)?

I got my Septoplasty & Rhinoplasty (hump removal) 9 days ago, and my nose is filled with soft blood clots (i really dont know what it is! haha) I... READ MORE

Can I use my finger to move my septum back into the middle of my nose so I can breath easier? (photo)

Can picking your nose make you healthier? My septum leans to the right and I can't breathe through my right nostril at all. It's awful. Right now... READ MORE

Post Septoplasty - Could Facial Have Harmed Nose

Hello all, I had a septoplasty with a rhinoplasty in march of 2010. I healed very quickly, in about a month. I began to realize that my nose is a bit... READ MORE

How would I know if I did damage due to picking after septoplasty?

I had septoplasty 5 days ago and have been slowly picking the grossness out of my nose. i couldn't handle the congestion - it was almost anxiety... READ MORE

Did I ruin my Septoplasty by trying to pick out my splints?

The night that I got my surgery I was half asleep and on pain pills and I tried to pick out my splints. I guess I just thought they were boogers or... READ MORE

Is it possible that my nose change the shape or get bigger after nose picking? 1 month post septorhinopalsty

I am 1 month post septorhinoplasty and all seems to heal very well. I've been picking my nose to remove the crust and any debris that pile up in my... READ MORE

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