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Septoplasty Recovery - Time, Tips, How Long?

Quite sure I need a septoplasty surgery but worried about the recovery process. I saw on realself about rhinoplasty recovery, is it similar with... READ MORE

Is it normal to experience headaches after Septoplasty?

It is 1 week since I had a septoplasty. I have severe headaches on the right side. My jaw n cheeks are very sore. Pain medication only last for a... READ MORE

In Severe Pain After Septoplasty W/turbinate Reduction. Dose of Pain Meds Prescribed Isn't Working, is This Normal? (photo)

Just had a septoplasty with Turbinate reduction 2 days ago and the level of pain/pressure/burning is much worse than anticipated. Feels too like the... READ MORE

Did I ruin my Septoplasty by trying to pick out my splints?

The night that I got my surgery I was half asleep and on pain pills and I tried to pick out my splints. I guess I just thought they were boogers or... READ MORE

How to sleep after septoplasty? Also do I wake up to change gauze in the middle of the night?

Is there anyway to help sleeping after septoplasty? I had my surgery earlier today and I'm finding sleeping so difficult and the pain medicine is not... READ MORE

Is it normal to have severe headache and pressure after turbinate reduction surgery? Also there is clear fluid rushing out

I had septem repair and turbinate reduction surgery about 5 days ago and have had a lot of bleeding, chest pain, pressure and a severe headache that... READ MORE

How long will my throat be sore for following surgery for septoplasty, adenoidectomy and reduction of turbinates?

I had the surgery on Tuesday. Packing was removed from my nose on Wednesday morning and I left the hospital, and ended up vomiting blood up the entire... READ MORE

Had septoplasty endoscopic sinus reconstruction and turbinate 2 weeks ago and now have pain

Severe pain to touch in right nostril at septum where I'm assuming stitches were. Pain goes into my upper lip and lip and teeth. Feels numb and Sharp... READ MORE

I had a major crying spell and fight right after my septoplasty.

So after my septoplasty was finished about 6 hours later I got into a fight with my mom and we wrestled over my pain killer medication, my blood... READ MORE

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