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How Do I Deal with a Giant Hole Through my Nasal Cartilage (Due to 4 Years of Snorting Drugs Daily)?

Its gotten substantially worse in recent months-I've probably an inch of cartilage left-the damage is worsening rapidly. Only when I TOTALLY cleaned... READ MORE

Will septal mucosa regrow? I do not have a hole in my septum yet, and am hoping the mucosa will regrow and I can avoid surgery.

Hello, I have been using cocaine daily for about the past 9 months. I have recently stopped completely. As of now I do not have a hole in my septum,... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Stop Continued Bleeding & Frequent Infections in Nose Years After Damage from Cocaine Use?

I saw a great and helpful response to a question about septal perforation caused by use of cocaine. That prompted me to ask a related question of... READ MORE

I have a perforated septum due to cocaine abuse in the 90s. Can it be repaired? (Photo)

I had 3 surgeries to correct a collapsed nose/perforated septum, due to cocaine abuse in the 90's without success. Cartilage from ear failed,... READ MORE

I need a Septoplasty but my ENT says I need to wait "fully a year" after having done any amount of cocaine. True?

I have never had a cocaine habit but I did recently try it, just on one night. Do I really need to wait a full year to have this surgery that will... READ MORE

I have a septoplasty this week and I partook in cocaine usage a week ago. Should I be worried or will enough time have passed?

It will have been 10 days since I used cocaine when my septoplasty scheduled. It was dumb and I haven't done it in years. This is NOT something I do... READ MORE

Is it possible I have a septal perforation and my ENT did not notice or mention it?

I used cocaine for 1 year, stopped 2 years ago. 2 months ago I visited ENT 2x to discuss deviated septum. He did exams, discussed surgical correction... READ MORE

Is my perforated septum surgery covered by insurance even if its from drug use?

I seen an ENT who told me I have a large hole in my nose he cant repair which is from drug use in my younger days. My appt with my plastic surgeon is... READ MORE

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