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Feeling Lightheaded and Dizzy After 2 Weeks Septoplasty Plus I Have Still Blood Discharge?

I have septoplasty and turbunate reduction 2 and half weeks ago i wanted to know is it normal to feel light headed light facial pain and dizzyness my... READ MORE

Dizzy After Cleaning Nose After 6 Days Post Septoplasty?

I had Septoplasty 6 days ago and went for my follow up appoinment today he says he's happy enough and that am free to go but to come back to him in 3... READ MORE

I'm constantly getting weak sinus infections-spread to my ears, I can feel congestion, dizzy at times. Do I Need a Septoplasty?

I've been to my ENT twice, he's advised me to get a septoplasty but I am skeptical. I've gotten a cat scan, xrays of my sinuses and could see where my... READ MORE

I Am Dizzy, Light Headed, Vision Problems, Deviated Septum?

From since the beginning of this year I been having this problem Waking up Dizziness Light headed Problems with my vision Constantly dehydrated And... READ MORE

Dizziness after Septoplasty - How long will it last for?

I'm asking on the behalf of my mum who had septoplasty surgery almost a week ago. The third day after surgery she awoke with severe dizziness, unable... READ MORE

Stinky smell like sweat socks when i breathe, its in the left side of my nose only. 20 days after sinus surgery. Should I worry?

I had endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty and turbinate reduction. . extreme headache, dizziness, blurry vision, clear nonsmelly discharge from my... READ MORE

Deviated Septum & Enlarged Turbinates - 31 days post op my breathing is better but i still feel dizzy sometimes.

Hello doctors i had a revision surgery to correct the position of my septum it has been 31 days now since my surgery my breathing is better but i... READ MORE

Why am I still having these symptoms after septoplasty?

I had septoplasty one month ago due to repeated sinus infections cold symptoms muscles aches and extream fatigue. After surgery I can see very slow... READ MORE

Chronic Sinus Pain and Inflammation putting sever Pressure on eye causing blurred vision/dizziness

I've had sinus pain, throbbing on one side of my nose for decade,I was headbutted on the nose (septum deviated as a result) ENTs not found evidence of... READ MORE

Is dizziness, head pressure, and ear popping normal after surgery?

I recently had a deviated septum and inferior and middle turbinate reduction. I was only in pain for 2 days with very minimal bleeding, which is... READ MORE

8 days post septoplasty. Difficulty breathing?

I'm trying to be patient because I know there is still swelling. but in addition to the blocked nasal passages I have post nasal drip and a sore... READ MORE

10 days post septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Constant drip, lump and dizzy spells

I Still have a constant drip out of my nose, it's like a yellow water! Is this normal? It also isn't feeling very straight, There also seems to be a... READ MORE

I have sinusitis, deviated septum, balancing and concentrating problems, doctors please tell me how can I get out of this?

I have nasal deviated septum, earache, dizziness and numbness in head, and a kind of feeling in eye are in the left side of my face, can't concentrate... READ MORE

Are burning, painful in sinus areas. Causing a bit of bad vision as well as dizziness normal after 2 weeks of septoplasty op?

Hi, had a septoplasty done. I had been rushed back to the hospital on the 4th day of healing. Spent about 4 days in hospital and a week has gone by... READ MORE

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