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How could this happen after septoplasty? Bigger nose and no shape? (photo)

I got septoplasty surgery 2 weeks ago. I got no brusing and minimum swelling. My doctor also did shave down my hump at the same time. My nose looks... READ MORE

When Will I Be Able to Breathe a Sufficient Amount Through my Nose After Septorhinoplasty?

I just had septorhinoplasty on Monday (today is Friday). I had dorsal hump reduction and my tip de-projected. On Weds. I began experiencing small,... READ MORE

Ear Problems and Extensive Bruising?

I am day six following septorhinoplasty (cast comes off tomorrow) and oh how uncomfortable my ears are! I know I can't blow my nose yet but I feel... READ MORE

Why Would I Have Bruising After Just a Cartilage Graft?

I had septoplasty in March but after the swelling had subsided, I'm noticed the tip of my nose had dropped creating a larger dorsal hump - but with no... READ MORE

What can I take to reduce bruising? (Photo)

I had a septoplasty a few days ago and also had my nose straightened and a bump removed. I have swelling under my eyes and was wondering what I could... READ MORE

Do I have a deviated septum? Dose my nose look like it needs to be corrected? Will a crooked nose affect breathing? (Photo)

I'm almost positive I broke or fractured my nose. I got hit in face\nose with a brick. The trama literally knocked me out, off of my feet. When I woke... READ MORE

Is this a saddle nose deformity? Why does my skin look so lumpy ? Why do I still have bruising around the bridge of my nose? (ph

In dec2015 I got punched in the nose then I had a septoplasty in feb2016 got worried about the look of my nose& went to another doc in April16 he then... READ MORE

Today I went through Septoplasty, with turbinate reduction and mirengtomy surgery. Any suggestions?

The question is when I started waking up from surgery my nose started bleeding and continues now for 12 hours and still continues also I realized that... READ MORE

Bruising a year after a septoplasty with sharp pain? What could be wrong?

I had a septoplasty about a year ago to improve my breathing , I still have bruising along the top of my nose and I get really bad sharp pain in that... READ MORE

Is septoplastly a good option if damage occurred? (photos)

A doctor mentioned septoplastly in my first question and I am wondering how could I know if my septum is deviated? Are there any signs to look for?... READ MORE

Am I able to still get sinus surgery and septoplasty when the bridge of my nose is bruised?

My son accidentally head butted me in the bridge of my nose 5-6 days ago, it is still painful, with very slight swelling. I have a septoplasty and... READ MORE

Why am I having more severe infections now after deviated septum surgery?

I had Septoplasty/rhino surery a year ago. SInce I have had the worst sinus infections ive ever had in my life! At this time I have such pressure... READ MORE

I have bruising on the right side of my face almost 4 week after my Sepotplasty, is that normal? (photos)

It hard to see in the photo but the bruising is there and it wasn't before 2 days ago. Is it normal do I need to call my doctor? READ MORE

Why do I have bruising on the bridge of my nose and dark circles under my eyes? Is there a treatment for this? (photo)

Got punched in the nose on December 2015 then had a septoplasty on feb2016, then didn't like how my bone were displaced so I went to another doc who... READ MORE

Why is breathing still bad? Why is there prolonged bruising on my eyes & nasal bridge? Rt nostril sucks in when I inhale.(photo)

Dec15 I got punched in the nose where I found out it was fractured the hospital said to wait 6mons but Feb16 I had a septoplasty didn't like how my... READ MORE

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