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Blocked Nose After Septoplasty?

I have got my nasal septoplasty done 11 days back. However, my nose is still blocked even after removal of splints. I can still not breath. What could... READ MORE

Bleeding and Stuffiness After Septoplasty?

10 days ago I had a septoplasty. I had no problems post op and still on antibiotics. Last night when i was cleaning the crubs inside my nose with... READ MORE

I Had a Septoplasty 10 Days Ago, my Son Slightly Hit my Nose Tonight with His Head, Now I Cant Breath Should I Call After Hours?

I just had a septoplasty (no cast no nothing ever put on) and i am 10 days post op, my son was sitting on my lap and hit the left side of my nose with... READ MORE

When can I blow my nose after my septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty 9 days ago and had my splints removed today. Can i blow my nose without causing displacement? READ MORE

Is it normal to have no smell or taste in one nostril?

Hello, I have been having problems with my nose (congestion and sinus infections etc) for about four years now and had a septoplasty and diathermy of... READ MORE

There is a Hard Bump on the Side of my Nose After my Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I got a septorhinoplasty 11 days ago to fix my deviated septum, add a spreader graft to the right side, and refine a bump on the bridge. Now, there is... READ MORE

Ten Days Post Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction- Is Tingling Feeling Normal? Can I Breath Through My Nose?

Had septoplasty and turbinate reduction ten days ago. It's healing nicely. But since dried mucus came out earlier, feels cold, runny and tingly?... READ MORE

How Long Before I Can Work out After Septorhinoplasty?

I had a septorhinoplasty/ osteotomy/ turbulent reduction 10 days ago. I wet to remove my nose cast But my surgeon didn't give me a chance to ask any... READ MORE

I Had Septoplasty Done 10 Days Ago. How Long Till I Am Not Congested Anymore?

I had septoplasty done for a deviated septum to left high up so it was done by an ent/plastic surgeon...I also had sinus fusion done ...its been 10... READ MORE

Can I Pick Nose After Septo-Rhinoplasty (Hump Removal)?

I got my Septoplasty & Rhinoplasty (hump removal) 9 days ago, and my nose is filled with soft blood clots (i really dont know what it is! haha) I... READ MORE

Can I Play Tennis 11 Days After Nasal Surgery?

I had elective septoplasty and outfracture of inferior turbinates 9 days ago. I was told to stop physical exercise for two weeks. When I have my next... READ MORE

Septum Bowing 24 Hours After Stents Are Out.

I had stents taken out 10 days after the septoplasty. 24 hours later the septum is bowing significantly and I can feel the pressure from the bow. Do... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty Concern. Haven't Seen Great Results; Will it Improve in the Long Run?

I just had a closed septorhinoplasty 10 days ago to correct a deviated septum and make my nose look straighter. I have no bruises and beleive the... READ MORE

I recently had a septoplasty performed 10 days ago. Straight nose to sharp bump! Any suggestions? (photos)

Before my surgery, I had a straight smooth nose, and now I have a sharp bump. My doctor said he doesn't know what it is and that he didn't touch... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Columella to Appear Discoloured Above the Incision? (photo)

Besides the skink above the incision looking paler and swollen, just right in the middle of it it seems as if the sticking hasn't been done correctly... READ MORE

Did my Surgeon Straighten my Nose Aesthetically? I See an Osteotomy Was Not Done in my Op Notes

Notes: septoplasty carried out, same time septum relocate centre. Used open technique, collumella strut used support tip and two tip graft; extended... READ MORE

Scratched the inside of my nose post-septoplasty, and now my nose hurts. Is this serious?

Hi Docs: I had my septorhinoplasty 10 days back. 2 days back, while sleeping i felt itching in one of my nostrils and i accidentally happened to... READ MORE

Nasal passages swollen shut 10 days after septoplasty and turbinates reduction surgery. ENT says could be weeks?

I had a septoplasty and reduction of turbinates surgery 10 days ago. Both nasal passages are swollen and completely blocked. ENT cleaned out nose day... READ MORE

Is It Common for Septoplasty on Left Side to End Up Blocking Nasal Cavity on Right Side? If So, Where Do I Go from Here?

I'm 11 days post septoplasty op to correct a deviation on left side. I had hematoma after getting splints removed 7 days post op and have been back... READ MORE

10 days post septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Constant drip, lump and dizzy spells

I Still have a constant drip out of my nose, it's like a yellow water! Is this normal? It also isn't feeling very straight, There also seems to be a... READ MORE

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