Sculptra Videos

Sculptra and Ultherapy: How Combining These Techniques Rejuvenates Skin

What do you get when you combine Sculptra and Ultherapy? Great results, says Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman. VIEW NOW

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How to Add Volume to the Face

Doctor Candance Kimbrough-Green discusses how to prevent losing volume in the face and how to add it back in once you do. VIEW NOW

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Sculptra Injections and Recovery Process

Dr. Lisa Airan injects a patient with Sculptra as she explains how the product works and what patients can expect following the treatment. VIEW NOW

Injectable Fillers for Younger Looking Skin

Dr. Christine Hamori explains how you can fight the signs of aging with fillers and neurotoxin injections to give you a refreshed and rejuvenated look. VIEW NOW

Sinking or Sagging — Determining Whether Injectables or Surgery is Right for You

Dr. Steven M. Camp lists various dermal fillers that can help treat a tired look, and his approach to determining what course of treatment will best help with their particular issue. VIEW NOW

Fillers for the Lips — Things to Consider Before Your Injections

Dr. Alex Eshaghian explains that some fillers can not only be used on various areas of the face, but that they can be used to provide volume and definition to the lips. He explains some factors to keep in mind before treatment. VIEW NOW

Filler Injections for Your Face and Eyelids: A Doctor Explains

Dr. Ray Taban explains his approach offers some tips on different fillers for the face and around the eyes and eyelids to achieve the best, natural results. VIEW NOW

Injectable Fillers: A Doctor Explains the Facts

Dr. Tim Neavin explains some of the differences between Botox and several injectable fillers, lists some areas that they can be used to improve the appearance of the face and discusses treatment longevity. VIEW NOW

The Uses of Sculptra

Dr. Rivkin explains how he uses Sculptra to replace facial volume loss in various areas and how it works by stimulating collagen. He discusses how many injections are typically needed and how long it lasts. VIEW NOW

Sculptra: See This Woman's Injections

Nurse Shahdi at Dr. Stephen J. Ronan's office administers Sculptra injections. VIEW NOW

Injectable Fillers: Uses and Benefits

Dr. Rebecca Baxt discusses the injectable fillers Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra, and how they can work in various areas of the face for lines and contouring, as well as across all age groups. VIEW NOW

See How the Vectra 3D Works for Facial Analysis

Dr. Hardik Soniutilize shares this simulation with the Canfield 3D imaging system for facial analysis during the consultation process. You can even simulate multiple procedures such as dermal fillers to approximate final results. VIEW NOW

What Is Sculptra?

Dr. Jean Chapman explains what the popular filler Sculptra is and demonstrates what areas Sculptra is used to treat. As we age we lose fat in key areas of the face. Sculptra can help counter volume loss in these areas. VIEW NOW

Sculptra: Learn How It's Different From Other Dermal Fillers

Dr. Ben Tittle explains how Sculptra works to return lost collagen to the face to enhance the overall beauty of the face naturally. VIEW NOW

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Complications of Facial Fillers: Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra, and Fat

Dr. Tanveer Janjua describes possible complications associated with facial fillers. This is not a comprehensive list, but the complications Dr. Janjua feels are most important for a person to be aware of. VIEW NOW

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