Sculptra Videos

Sculptra and Ultherapy: How Combining These Techniques Rejuvenates Skin

What do you get when you combine Sculptra and Ultherapy? Great results, says Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman. VIEW NOW

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How to Add Volume to the Face

Doctor Candance Kimbrough-Green discusses how to prevent losing volume in the face and how to add it back in once you do. VIEW NOW

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Sculptra Injections and Recovery Process

Dr. Lisa Airan injects a patient with Sculptra as she explains how the product works and what patients can expect following the treatment. VIEW NOW

Enhance Sagging and Wrinkling Knee Skin With Sculptra Injections

Dr. Jason Emer explains how Sculptra can be injected to the knees to improve loose, saggy skin and wrinkling of the knee. The polylactic acid stimulates collagen production and will tighten and rejuvenate the skin. VIEW NOW

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Quick Sculptra Walkthrough

One of Dr. Justin Harper's master injectors explains and gives us a quick walkthrough of Sculptra. This procedure can boost collagen creation, combatting volume loss in the cheeks, temple, and mid-face. VIEW NOW

Facial Sculpting and Rejuvenation for Men

Dr. Jason Emer describes what options are available for men to treat wrinkles, tighten the skin, and restore a youthful appearance using fillers, live at ASDS 2016 with RealSelf. VIEW NOW

Treat Cellulite With Sculptra

Dr. Steven Weiner explains how Sculptra, a long-lasting filler, can be used to improve cellulite in ways Cellfina cannot. The dimples and linear depressions can be filled. The creases in the "banana roll" area can be filled as well. VIEW NOW

Contouring the Jawline With Sculptra

Dr. Jason Emer discusses how Sculptra is used to widen this man's jaw and achieve a more masculine appearance. VIEW NOW

Sculptra for Decollete Rejuvenation

Dr. Steven Weiner shows his unique approach to treating the decollete with Sculptra and cannulas. This increases the collagen, improves the laxity in this area, and helps with lines and wrinkles. VIEW NOW

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift Using Sculptra

Dr. Steven Weiner demonstrates a Sculptra butt lift procedure, which has no downtime and minimal risk of pain. VIEW NOW

Cosmetic Procedures for Men: The Doctor Explains the Most Popular Treatments

Until recently, only women came in for cosmetic procedures, however now, many men are seeking non-surgical treatments. Dr. Michele S. Green discusses which treatments men are requesting most. VIEW NOW


The Doctor Users Sculptra to Treat This Woman's Sunken Temples

Dr. Jason Emer explains how Sculptra is not a filler, but can be used to define and structure the face. VIEW NOW

Learn the Science Behind Injectable Fillers

Dr. Quenby Erickson introduces a variety of fillers and explains how they work to give the skin a more youthful appearance. VIEW NOW

Sculptra: Build Your Own Collagen to Achieve a Natural Rejuvenated Appearance

Dr. Johnny Franco shows how Sculptra can be used to enhance your overall appearance. Sculptra is unique in that it helps you build your own collagen to obtain a natural, youthful appearance. VIEW NOW


The Doctors Tips for Choosing an Injector

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about evaluating a doctor's skills with injectable treatments like Botox and fillers. He explains these treatments still need knowledge of anatomy, artistic sense, and patient concern. VIEW NOW