Bruising + Sclerotherapy

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Hard Bruised Lump After Sclerotherapy

Its been 2wks since 1st sclero, I have a hard bruised lump on back of thigh - should I get this gently drained asap or wait until follow up apptmt May... READ MORE

Post Sclerotherapy on Breast Veins, Staining? (photo)

I developed blue veins after my breast augmentation 2 years ago.I had sclerotherapy injections on my breast veins one week ago to remove them.The... READ MORE

Bad Bruising/dead Vein After Scletherapy, What Can I Do?

Hi I have had six treatments now and I have developed quite bad bruising at the back of my left calf muscle. The treating doctor tells me it will... READ MORE

Spider veins post sclerotherapy treatment. Does this mean my treatment wasn't successful? (Photo)

I had my first session of sclerotherapy treatment 3 days ago, and my legs are bruised with dark blue/black circles where the injection sites were. I... READ MORE

Severe matting and spider veins after sclerotherapy treatment of several reticular veins. Will this go away? (Photos)

I have had both GSVs and Lower SVs closed as well as pelvic closures. Now I want my legs back! After sclerotherapy of several reticular veins I have... READ MORE

Dark bruises and pigmentation after sclerotherapy?

I have done sclerotherapy in Nov 23 for one leg and I have developed spots and dark bruises. The injected large veins turned dark and the surrounded... READ MORE

I'm 4 weeks post my second sclerotherap. What are the marks, will they go away and how can I speed up recovery? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post my second sclerotherapy session and there are marks all over my legs, some are bluish and bruise-like and others just look like... READ MORE

New broken capillaries a week after sclerotherapy. Is this normal?

I had sclerotherapy a week ago for a medium blue vein on my shin. Today I removed my stockings for a bath, I noticed that as well as bruising along... READ MORE

Will time heal this sclerotherapy discoloration? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy done 10 weeks ago on a tiny vein only I noticed. Now the area looks a thousand times worse. I can't wear shorts I'm so embarrassed... READ MORE

Is it normal to be extremely bruised with have hard lumps after sclerotherapy for spider veins? (Photo)

It has been 2 days since sclerotherapy treatment for superficial spider veins. I trusted the doctor, a surgeon for varicose veins. A horrible... READ MORE

Should I have this much bruising from Sclerotherapy? (photos)

Had Sclerotherapy to both upper thighs 5 days ago. Bruising us very bad. Using compression stockings and bruise cream. READ MORE

Is it normal to have extreme bruising & hard lumps/bumps under the skin after sclerotherapy for superficial spider veins?(Photo)

It has been 2 days since sclerotherapy treatment for superficial spider veins. I trusted the doctor,a surgeon for varicose veins. A horrible... READ MORE

I'm so embarrassed. What is the best way to get this to go away? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy done 3 times. I had it done twice on this leg. The first time it seemed a little bruised in the area. I meant to ask the doctor... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy - bruising after injections? (photo)

This is my third treatment for my varicose veins. I have never had this side effect before. Now I would like to get multiple opinions on this because... READ MORE

Hand Sclerotherapy. I have hard, solid, clotted lumps on hands after 5 weeks causing discoloration. Is this normal?

Hi Doctors. I recently had hand sclerotherapy, which has caused the veins to clot and form hard lumps in most of the veins treated. These seem like... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy has left me with a purple, blue and green bruised looking area over treatment area.

I've had many sclerothraphy treatments over the years and have had more than one type of solution used. Ive had this bruise looking mass for years and... READ MORE

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