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Keloid Removal On Chest? (photo)

Hello I've had keloid scarring on my chest area (pecs) for the last 2-3 years. I've had several shots of kenalog and it definitely does seem to... READ MORE

Ointment or Injections for Scar Tissue?

Is kenalog ointment as effective to reduce scar tissue post-op as kenalog injections? READ MORE

How Does Kenalog Work? Does It Actually Destroy Collagen?

I developed hypertrophic inframammary scars from bilateral breast lift. Kenalog was injected a few times, but my scars did not respond to treatment as... READ MORE

What is Kenalog?

What is kenelog and what does it do? Is it safe and the risks/future possible problems? READ MORE

Best Treatment for Sternotomy Hypertrophic Small Scars Kenalog or Depo Metrol Injections?

I had heart (sternotomy) surgery a couple of years ago, since then I developped 3 small keloid - hypertrophic scars. Which in your view, would be the... READ MORE

Diprospan or Kenelog for Rhinoplasty Scar Tissue?

I am about 1 and a half months post op from an open rhino plasty procedure and I was wondering what is the difference between diprospan and kenelog in... READ MORE

Kenalog injections depressed my arm skin (Photo)

Hi doctors, I have a scar for one year now and the doctor applied kenallog injections to reduce the size. These injections depressed my skin and... READ MORE

How can I make scar on my forehead less visible? I've tried laser, peels and Kenalog. I need a surgeon in Austin, TX. (Photo)

I had an accident when i was a kid and got a slant scar about 1.5 inch in the middle of my forehead. I had 3 scar revisions - the last one was 3 yrs... READ MORE

Is this normal after intralesional kenalog injection? (photos)

Hello, I posted recently regarding a hypertrophic scar that occurred on my belly after mole removal. I just had intralesional steroids injected into... READ MORE

Cortisone kenalog injection for scar tissue fibrosis

I have developed really thick internal fibrosis after 2 scar revision on my forehead. The second surgery was meant to remove the fibrosis lump but the... READ MORE

Am I stuck with this hypertrophic acne scar on my nose? 5-FU, Kenalog and various lasers don't seem to work- comes back. (Photo)

-20-year-old acne scar on right nostril -raised around 0.5mm -dome shaped, 3.0mm diameter -injected at least 10 times with 5-FU and Kenalog/ at least... READ MORE

Chin Scar Excision Best Remedy After Silicone & Kenalog Complications?

35yo NY/LI male bumpy chin scar exacerbated by previous doc's silicone overfill/migration, kenalog megadose & botched excision thereof following... READ MORE

Hypertrophic scars?

Do you advice using kenalog creams for hipertrofic scars? or using just silicone sheets will relieve the scar? is there any possibility of a... READ MORE

kenalog injections effects fade away on regular scar?

I got kenalog shots on some scars, they are normal scars, no keloid. The shot left my scars more depressed and wider, will this effect fade away READ MORE

What's the best treatment method for a small chest keloid? (Photo)

I had a mole removed on my chest about 6 months ago, resulting in this small red keloid. The same doctor who removed the mole, did two sets of... READ MORE

Scar revision vs kenalog injections? (Photo)

When I was 8, I fell and bumped my head. I had a bump top left forehead. I then had it removed when I was 18. Over time the initial scar healed, but... READ MORE

Effect of Kenalog on Scar Tissue?

I have scar tissue from injecting too much restalyne 5yrs ago. I had many kenalog injections, but improvment is slow. Will kenalog make them disappear... READ MORE

Want to stop the growth of my scar & make it flat. Will you recommend the use of FIXSkin keloid serum? And silicon patch?(photo)

I had a keloid on my chest it all started as an acne last 2013,i have it examined to a dermatologist and she gave me a kenalog injection for 6 mos. as... READ MORE

Will Kenalog Work For a Long Time For Knot on my Forehead?

I bumped my forehead when I was 2 and had a knot ever since. I'm 17 and went for a consultation for surgery and instead they gave me kenalog. Want to... READ MORE

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