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Scar Removal Treatment for Indented Scars?

I have a indented scratch scar on my cheek. Its not red just indented. What treatment will remove this? I really hate it. READ MORE

Indented Scar

I have had an indented scar on my leg most of my adult life, can this scar be removed? I am from a west indian island and the scar was caused by a... READ MORE

How to Remove Cheek Indents Due to Piercings?

I had my cheeks pierced for four years, and took them out about six months ago. The holes have now closed, but the indents are still very deep and I... READ MORE

I Have a 3/4 Inch Indented Scar on my Face from a Cyst Removal. Would Subcision Work?

I understand that cysts can leave a depression in the skin but the whole incision is indented? Was this surgical error? I was thinking of trying... READ MORE

Indentation from Shave Removal on Cheek, What Can I Do To Fix This?

I had a shave biopsy done on my cheek for a mole that was flat on the surface. It has left me with a round hole the size of a pencil eraser. It has... READ MORE

What to Do with Appendectomy Scar with Small Indent? (photo)

Hi, I had appendicitis when I was 8 years old and now I'm 21 and would like to get a scar revision/scar removal but mine has a small indent. I... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for my Indented Facial Scar to Heal?

I had skin cancer cut out of my upper lip approx 9 months ago which has left an indented scar running straight down from under my nose to my upper lip... READ MORE

How to Get an Old Indented Scar off my Face? (photo)

Now I've had this for 6 years. And I, really, really need this gone I can't look good with it on my forehead. Please someone tell me how to remove this. READ MORE

How to Remove Indented Scars Left by Stitches?

I had eye bag surgery about 16months ago. Although it looks much better now, but now i have a scar which disturbs me. It is a very fine line, bit... READ MORE

Options For Indented Facial Scar From Dog Bite? (photo)

I have indented red scar above my lip from a dog bite 18years ago would a filler help with the appearance? I would love to cover it atleast w/makeup... READ MORE

Indented Shave Biopsy Scar on Cheek @ 4 Months, Treatment Options? (photo)

I had two shave biopsies done for potential skin cancer (both turned out benign). Both were done on the cheek area; the less visible one is healing... READ MORE

Dented Scar After Post Op Infection, What Are My Options? (photo)

A little over 2 years ago i went to mexico to get weight loss surgery. I had a few incisions but one of the incisions became infected by the time i... READ MORE

Scar Removal for Indented Scar on Forehead?

Hi there, I have an indented scar on my forehead since i was 5, i am now 23 years old. What are the best procedures to removal this scar and what... READ MORE

Any Ways to Correct "Dented" Lip Scar? (photo)

Hi! I'm 19 this year, I've got a scar on the right side of my upper lip from falling off a bicycle around 10 years ago. When it happened, it... READ MORE

Indentation After Steroid Injection to Remove Hypertrophic Scar

Two years ago, I had a mole on my thigh removed by laser. Unfortunately, it grew back into a different color so I went to a different dermatologist.... READ MORE

Indented Scars on Arms From 10 Years of Drug Use: How Can I Remove Them?

I'm always hiding my arms with long sleeves. but im tired of having to do that.. it bothers me so much... they are on both arms. and very indented... READ MORE

Indent in lower stomach? (photos)

I have always had this indent on my lower stomach where my pants pocket and button would be, I know it's not awful but it is an insecurity of mine,... READ MORE

Indented Scar on Nose Tip, What Treatment Can I Do to Improve It? (photo)

Hi. I am Asian. I have an indented scar on nose tip for 8 months. It is still have some pink colors. What treatment can I do to smooth it? Is it a... READ MORE

Any Possible Treatment for Depressed/indented Facial Scars on Children Under 5? (photo)

My son took a nasty fall and cut his cheek. It didn't look deep enough to warrant an ER visit so we bandaged him up with some neosporin and bandaids.... READ MORE

Can Scar Revision Flatten Indented Scar?

I have a one inch indented scar on my face. can scar revision flatten it out? READ MORE

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