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Hyper Pigmented Scars; am I Going in the Right Direction for Treatment? (photo)

Hello Doctors, Over 15 years, due to dermatillomania, I scratched my wounds and created skin deep hyperpigmented scars. I'm under a scar removal... READ MORE

Suggested Treatement for Hyperpigmentatedscars on Legs Caused by Dermatillomania?

I'm a 25 year old middle eastern female, suffering from dermatillomania in which it left me with scars on my legs.Recently, I've been using a cream... READ MORE

Treatment options for severe scarring on my face from Dermatillomania?

I have Dermatillomania and unfortunately, now have severe scarring all over my face. The worst of my scars are three very deep indented scars, one on... READ MORE

Remove scars from skin picking (Dermatillomania)? (Photo)

Thanks in advance for any advice! My long story is I've been in recovery (3mths) from a 10 year Vicodin addiction! And depression (a lot of it because... READ MORE

I suffered from Dermatillomania. What is a good option to remove the scars?

I suffered from Dermatillomania I am left over with some deep scars and also some raised scars on my face. Also small amount of pigmentation what... READ MORE

Scars from Dermatillomania

Hello Doctors, I'm an india girl of wheatish complexion suffering from Skin Picking Disorder. I don't scratch myself anymore but I have a lot... READ MORE

How can I remove my scars of shame? (Photo)

3 years of dermatillomania scarring is now on my legs buttocks chest arms back neck face and scalp. I'm currently having pixel/fraxel laser done every... READ MORE

Average cost to remove dermatillomania?

Hi I've had dermatillomania since I was about 3 or 4 years old. I have finally stopped picking, but when I go outside I always cover up my arms and... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for dermatillomania on the legs?

Upper thighs and hips, arms Deep scars Dark scars Old (6-12mo) and new READ MORE

How can I treat Dermatillomania (skin-picking) scars? (photos)

I was never acne-prone; no one in my family is. I have OCD, and I've engaged in a variety of BFRB (Body-Focused Receptive Behaviors). After Anorexia,... READ MORE

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