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Can a Scar Removal Ointment Help Remove a Scar?

Hi! I've been looking for a cheaper way to remove my scar. Can an over the counter ointment such as contractubex helps remove old scar? I can't wear... READ MORE

I have keloid on my forehead after an accident, what is the best option to remove it? (photo)

Hi I have a keloid on my forehead that was developed 6-7 years back after an accident. I did not get stitches on the wound and let it heal naturally,... READ MORE

How can I heal these scars? (Photo)

Hey what cream should I take? in my country there are just scar zone ,Jomelop e,Aloe vera, Contratubex ? what of this cream could help? READ MORE

Recent acccident, scars. Recommend a treatment (Photo)

I am 23 years old girl. i met with a accident before 1 month and 11 days. i have a stitches mark on my chin and got scratch on nose which is now... READ MORE

How to remove accident scars? Does contractubex work? (Photo)

4 Months ago I met with a bike accident and had scars on my face.. now they are least visible.. I have started using contractubex since a week.. I wud... READ MORE

Would Contractubex help me to remove this chicken pox scar on my nose? (Photo)

Sir I had chicken pox 4 years ago .. This scar got scraped and left a mark on my nose .. At that time .. This scar wasn't much visible .. But as time... READ MORE

Can we prevent or reduce the extent of my upcoming scar? (Photo)

Hello doctor ; my name is Priyanka ; I had gone through a vehicle accident 5 days before and I have face and hand injuries but I am really concerned... READ MORE

I Have a Small Hypertrophic Scar Above my Upper Lip, Using Contractubex Now? (photo)

I Have a Small Hypertrophic Scar Above my upper Lip, using Contractubex gel now, but its reducing the colour of the scar and its less noticeable now... READ MORE

Can I Use the Contractubex Gel After It Was Warmed Up?

I placed the Contractubex gel tube near my laptop, while it was on & the tube got warmer, later i palced it in cold water. Now if I use it will... READ MORE

I use keloids and use contracubex gel but it makes my skin itchy. Is this normal? Is there another treatment?

I have keloids on my left arm and i start using contracubex gel but after about minutes its get itchy so bad,, is it normal or should i stop using... READ MORE

What are the best cure for scars that are cheap and affordable that can be found in the Philippines?

I have a scar.. i dont know the type of it. But its a raised scar actually. I got it when i was kid. And its been 8 years from now. So my question is.... READ MORE

What's the best way to treat my accident scar? (Photo)

I have a accident two year ago in mozambique country. after one year i go india than i consult a dr.about my scar dr. suggest me reoprate. i make... READ MORE

I have a son who is 2 and half year old & recently he fall down and had a cut on his face below side of eye. Any suggestion? (ph

My concern is that I am using contractubex gel for removing this scar will it help as I had stitches on it but I haven't seen any result out of it plz... READ MORE

Where I can get Contractubex in Nigeria?

I'm in Nigeria,pls where can I get the contractubex here READ MORE

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