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Options to Reduce Old, White Cigarette Burns and knife Scars?

Hi! I have numerous cigarette burns and some knife wounds that are very old (approximately 15 years). They have faded as much as possible, but are now... READ MORE

Can a 12 Yr Old Cigarette Burn Be Removed?

When I was about 4 I got burned with a cigarette on my left nostril, according to my mother I kept picking at the scab and now it's black. I'm... READ MORE

How Do I Remove a Ciggarette Burn That Healed with a Bubble?

I got a stupid ciggarette burn in my teens and it has now been 3 years since and it is completely healed but it has a bubble like and is redish... READ MORE

Treatment for Keloids from Cigarette Burn?

I have 3 keloids from a cigarette burn on my upper left shoulder. I have had these burns for several years and was curious as to the cost and the best... READ MORE

Burned on arm, 3.5 months ago, by a cigar: It hasnt healed or scared - Should i see a doctor? (Photo)

My friend burned me with a cigar, about 3 and half months ago (Just playing around not like abuse or anything). And it hasnt scared yet, and recently... READ MORE

I let my friends burn me with cigarettes one night; how can I remove the scars? (Photo)

Please don't scold me I know how ridiculously stupid this was but I really need to reduce these scars it's embarrassing and I can't havery them... READ MORE

MCA Treatment for Scars (Cigarette Burns) Does It Work?

I have 2 cigarette burns one on chest and the other on arm , both are white in colour and slightly raised. Would I benefit from having mca treatment... READ MORE

My baby girl got a cigarette burn on her face 2 months ago. Is there any cream or oil to help remove the scar? (Photo)

She is 19months now. There has red scar there now, where quite obvious. Any cream or oil is able to help remove the scar? It was an accident as she... READ MORE

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