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How to get rid of red and brown ingrown hair scars underneath belly button due to shaving and picking? (photos)

A few years back I stupidly shaved the hair underneath my belly button. Fast forward, I now have ingrown hairs & red & brown ingrown hair scars that... READ MORE

Possible to Remove the Scarring from Belly Button Piercing?

I have a large scar from a few attempts at belly button piercings. Two of them forced themselves out and the last one was pierced behind the scarring,... READ MORE

Removal for Belly Button Keloid Scar?

I had my belly button pierced, but it was rejected. I have been left with a small scar, which I have been told is a keloid. Is there anything I could... READ MORE

Options for Belly Button Piercing Scar?

I had a belly button piercing. Now I have a scar. What are my scar removal options. I have used a cream, but would like to see a medical professional,... READ MORE

Belly Button Scar Removal

I got my belly button repierced last May and everything was fine up until like a week ago. A small bump like a pimple formed near it. And I picked it... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix this scar above my belly button? (photos)

Over a year ago my belly button piercing rejected from my body and literally ripped its way right through my skin, splitting it in half. After it... READ MORE

How Does Scar Revision Work? The Problem is Not the Scar but the Fat Above It.

I originally thought a mini tummy tuck would help but found out here that it wouldn't. The problem with this scar is not the scar itself, but the... READ MORE

How to Fix Exterior Scar from a Tubal Ligation?

When I had my tubal ligation the doctor informed me that the scar would be almost in the bottom portion of my belly button and it would hardly be... READ MORE

Bad Bellybutton Piercing Scar/closed Up Overnight?

After less than a year, I left out the ring overnight and it closed mostly up. I thought I could repierce it in the shower, when skin was softer.... READ MORE

Belly button scar ripped out/ rejecting. What's the best way to get rid of it preferably no laser? (photo)

I got my belly button pierced a few years ago in 2011. During my senior year of high school in 2012 it ripped out, I was the goalie on the soccer team... READ MORE

How do I get rid of ugly belly button piercing scar?

I had my belly button pierced years ago and the hole never closed. Shortly after taking out the piercing, I got pregnant and the scar stretched... READ MORE

Can I remove the scars caused by a belly button ring? (photo)

Would like to have both scars removed if possible. What are the best options? READ MORE

Scar Removal on Belly Cost?

I have about a 2-inch scar on my belly, right below my belly button. Around how much will this kind of scar cost to remove? READ MORE

How to get rid of my belly button keloid? (photos)

I got my belly button pierced on October 22, 2015 and I got it taken out on Valentine's Day the following year I thought it was infected because it... READ MORE

Navel Scar Piercing, laser treatment or scar revision? (photo)

I have a scar from a navel piercing that I had to take out because it was slowly migrating and it bothers me so!! :( It's discoloured at the sides and... READ MORE

How do I fix saggy navel piercing? (Photo)

I had a belly button piercing and took it out during pregnancy. Now I have this saggy skin left over which sags even more if I put in the belly ring.... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Scar Below the Belly Button

I have a zipper-like scar from my belly button down. I'm looking to get rid of this scar. Is there something that can be done? READ MORE

Is This Scar a Keloid or Hypertrophic Scar and What Would Be the Best Way to Reduce It? (photo)

It's from a navel piercing and is now protruding, hard, red, and sometimes itches. It is about 4 years old. The scar is where the bottom of the... READ MORE

Can a Scar from Belly Button Piercing Be Fixed?

I had my belly button pierced about 10 years ago. A couple years back the piercing bar got snagged on something and stretched my skin where the... READ MORE

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