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The risks of SMP micropigmentation Ink on the body and its side effects on FUE transplanted hairs?

If I would do SMP micro pigmentation first, how many weeks or months do I have to wait before I can undergo a 2nd FUE hair transplant? Would SMP... READ MORE

Can a hair transplant be done after Scalp Micropigmentation?

So I was wondering if I were to get Micropigmentation to lower my hairline and the sides of my head, could I get a hair transplant afterwards if I... READ MORE

Scalp Micropigmentation and removing tattoo ink from the scalp by Laser, is this safe?

I have recently completed a course in scalp micropigmentation. One of the procedures involves shading the scalp with pigment. We were told that should... READ MORE

Does SMP Disguise Hair Transplant Scars?

Can SMP make hair transplant scars less visible? READ MORE

Is Norwood class 7 Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) a good option for me?

What about the scalp Micropigmentation technique that is very popular now? Most clinics dont seem to be operated by doctors and they advertize very... READ MORE

Will SMP Fade or Blur Over Time?

Will SMP fade or blur over time like regular tattoos? READ MORE

If Scalp Has Been Tattooed to Give the Illusion of More Hair Are Some Types of Iron Oxide Pigment Not Laser Removable? (photo)

I went with my 'before and after' photos of hair density pigmentation on the scalp to a local medi spa to show what I had been trained on at my SMP... READ MORE

Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare: Is it The Same as Regular Tattoos?

What do I need to know about aftercare following SMP? Is it the same or similar to regular tattoos? READ MORE

I had removal of scalp micropigmentation 2 weeks ago. How soon can I have laser treatment?

Removal of a bad scalp mircopigmentation just a 2 weeks old, how long do I wait for laser treatment and what is the best laser to use for maximum... READ MORE

What ink colors are available for scalp micropigmentation?

Just black? Or is there brown too? How do you ensure the eyebrows match a bit. READ MORE

When can one wash their head following SMP?

When is it safe to first allow water to run over the head after the procedure? When is it okay to use shampoo? READ MORE

When is it okay to exercise following scalp micropigmentation?

How long does one have to wait before they can exercise and sweat? READ MORE

What Kind of Ink is Used For SMP?

Is the same ink used for body tattoos used for SMP? READ MORE

Can I use Minoxidil after Scalp Micropigmentation?

I'm thinking about doing a Scalp Micropigmentation. I have thinning hair but it's not so bad. I just want to give volume as I do with Toppik powder.... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove SMP?

What if you don't like the results of SMP, is it reversible? READ MORE

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