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Will my Nose Get Bigger if I Always Touch It?

So I have a bad habit where I touch my nose and pinch it to see how I would look with a smaller nose. I do this everyday becuase I hate my nose! Will... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Touch-Up?

When is it appropriate to do a touch up after original rhinoplasty? My doctor is considering doing rasping of the bone on one side of my nose and... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty: Is a Revision Always Necessary?

When you have rhinoplasty and septoplasty do you always need a revision, so what i mean is that can u have the operation once and never have an... READ MORE

Dermal Fat Graft for Touch Up After Primary Rhinoplasty?

My surgeon wants to use dermal fat graft from behind my ear to fill an area on the side of the bridge closer to the poly beak after my original... READ MORE

I Plan on Getting Rhinoplasty in the Later Future, Do You Have to Continually Have to Get It Redone?

Like for example, after getting it done, do you have to go and get it redone to maintain its shape and such after a couple of moths or so, like people... READ MORE

How Common is This Post-rhinoplasty Procedure? Benefits? Risks? (photo)

I had a limited rhinoplasty done. My surgeon says that my nasal bones have shifted outward, back towards their original position. This has left... READ MORE

Are there touch up procedures after a Rhinoplasty to improve results short of revision? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty four months ago, and my results are disappointing. I have small bumps developing at my bridge, and the two side graphs are not even,... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty 7 months ago & a "touchup" revision at 6 months. How soon can I have a secondary Rhinoplasty?

At the 6 month mark, I had a revision to remove some grafts and rasp down a residual hump (no osteotomy). I had very little swelling afterwards. I... READ MORE

Severe nostril and nose asymmetry 3 months after rhinoplasty, how would it be corrected? (photos)

I had closed rhinoplasty to remove a hump and for tip-plasty, i didn't have nostrils asymmetry from before. 3 months after the surgery and my nostrils... READ MORE

How many times do plastic surgeons provide no charge Rhinoplasty touch ups?

I got rhinosplasty done 3 years ago. The first time the results not satisfactory since my nose was crooked. My surgeon agreed and touched up two years... READ MORE

Can a touch up to rasp the nasal bone cause a mid vault collapse?

I know the nasal bone is not the exact same area as the mid vault, but I am concerned because I am having the left over bone rasped on the left side... READ MORE

Touchup options. How much would it cost after septo/rhinoplasty?

I had a nasal bone fracture and a deviated septum. I decided to get my septum fixed for breathing purposes and had some cosmetic work done on the... READ MORE

7 months post op and surgeon wants to re operate

My surgeon is the one who suggested a minor touch up to slightly narrow my nose with sutures , is this really minor ? Wil swelling be like what it was... READ MORE

11 months post. I'm wondering if I have a bulbous tip, pollybeak, dorsal hump or hanging columella. Considering touch up (Photo)

Rhinoplasty 11 months post op & I'm very happy with the results we agreed upon. He delivered on everything expect the bulbous tip & it's... READ MORE

Is it okay to have had a non surgical nose job before rhinoplasty?

I had a non surgical nose Job with voluma back in Dec. In June I got it touched up with .1cc of restylane. All of the product was put in just my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty touch up: I can't breathe anymore. Is it normal?

I had an open rhinoplasty in july 2014. I breathed perfectly before the surgery. After this rhinoplasty, I had breathing difficulties. It took me 3... READ MORE

Can shaving a dorsal hump (septal cartildgeous) be a quick rhinoplasty touch up revise?

My primary surgery left me with an ugly bump in the middle of my profile that needs to come down... it's septal cartilage. I'm due for a touch up at 6... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swelling over area where rasping was done 2 weeks after surgery?

It was a "touch up" procedure performed 8 months after my primary. The bump that I wanted rasped appears larger than before. When I touch it, it... READ MORE

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