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Sunburn or Redness on Nose After Rhinoplasty

I had my Rhinoplasty 7 weeks ago and now have noticed that the skin on the top lower portion of my nose is red and tender to the touch. I'm... READ MORE

Sunburn After Rhinoplasty

I got a sunburn in the fifth month after my rhinoplasty. Now, in the sixth month the swelling has gone down completely but there is a red area which... READ MORE

Used Sunscreen and Still Had Sunburn After Rhinoplasty, Will this Do Anything Permanent?

I got rhinoplasty done about 8 weeks ago, and I have been applying spf 60 sunscreen like crazy, so often infact that my nose is completely white from... READ MORE

If my Nose Has a Sunburn on the Day of a Rhinoplasty Surgery, Can I Still Get Operated On?

Yesterday I got a sunburn on my nose and cheeks, but didn't notice until this morning. I will be getting rhinoplasty done in a little less than a week... READ MORE

Sun Burn After Rhinoplasty Please Help?

Hi! I had an open rhinoplasty on May 29th. Today it is June 9th, 1.5 weeks after surgery. I have been healing fine, except today I was down the beach... READ MORE

Sunburn 1 Month After Surgery?

I didn't know My nose would be this sensitive but I got a sunburn one month after surgery, And I don't know what to do.. My nose is red and even... READ MORE

What is the Effect of Strong Sun Burn After 7 Months from Open Rhinoplasty?

I am 7 months after open rhinoplasty and i had strong sun burn on my nose and it become very red then i used moisturizer , but i am worried will that... READ MORE

Sunburn after rhinoplasty. Is there something wrong?

I just had a septorhinoplasty done. I went driving the other day and had the roof down on my car for about an hour and a half. Sadly, I got back home... READ MORE

Possibly sunburn after rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago, and I'm freaking out! What can I put on it now to undo the damage?

I just had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and went to watch my sons baseball game, reluctantly. I used zinc oxide several times (probably more than i... READ MORE

Will health insurance typically cover dorsal hump rhinoplasty for severe sunburn prevention? (Photo)

During summer and fall the dorsal hump on my nose will sunburn so quickly and badly that the skin over the dorsal hump will bleed and create a 3/4... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty-nose got more swollen?

5 weeks post op. at 3 weeks a lot of my swelling had went down and it seemed like my nose was reaching a pleasant shape and size. however , over the... READ MORE

Sun exposure after Rhinoplasty. Does sun exposure cause scar tissue?

Is being outside with sunscreen advisable 1 week after rhino? I was running errands and was under the sun for about 30-45 minutes. I did use sunscreen... READ MORE

Sun exposure after Rhinoplasty -- what's the best way to protect my nose?

I am going to Hawaii 6 weeks after rhinoplasty surgery. What is the best way to protect my nose in the sun? Is there a product to cover my colemella... READ MORE

Sunburn after rhinoplasty - 8 days post-op.

I'm post up 8 days after my closed rhinoplasty & i was on my way to the airport the sun was at my face for about 1 hour & 15 minutes, i got... READ MORE

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