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Perforated Septum and Sunken Nose 20+ Years Post-Rhinoplasty. Causes?

I developed a perforated septum after a severe bacterial sinus infection. After that, my nose sunk in and my face now has a flat effect. I have never... READ MORE

What are causes for nose whistling after Rhinoplasty? Could my doctor have narrowed my nasal valves too much?

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty about 5 months ago and notice constant whistling since cast removal. Whenever I look this up I see that the main cause is... READ MORE

Can I Still Get my Nose Rebroke and Reset with a Septal Perforation?

I had a freak accident where a phone slipped out of my hands and hit the bridge of my nose about 3 months ago.I noticed immediately that it was out of... READ MORE

When Can I Wash/exfoliate my Nose and Exercise?

Hi there, I recently had a Septorhinoplasty done to straighten my nose. It's been 10 days since my surgery, and I was wondering if I can... READ MORE

Perforated Septum and Button, One Side of Face Feels Like it has a Loose Flap, What Happened?

My ENT doc repaired my perforated septum with a button and now one side of my nose feels like it has a loose flap in it, which when I breath in... READ MORE

Status Post 6 Months Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty, but I've Developed a Septal Perforation at the Back of the Septum?

The Dr didn't seem confident in offering a solution other than wanting to open the nose to fix it. I've read cases that it can be done endoscopically... READ MORE

I have a 3mm nasal perforation in the anterior of my nose. Can a nasal button help me? If not what can stop the whistling?

I have a septal perforation most likely from use of nasal steroids. The hole is in the anterior of the nose and small: 3mm. It causes constant... READ MORE

Why do I keep getting this yellow crust in my nose every day? I don't have allergies. (photos)

I had Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty 9 months ago and since 3 month ago I started getting this yellow crust inside my nose. I already went to see my surgeon... READ MORE

I have a large bulbous nose and hole in septum. Can it all be fixed? Can I be repaired inside and out?

I am a 34 year old female with a large nose who has been dealing with a septal tear/hole for many years. I have never used cocaine or any other... READ MORE

Is it very hard to correct septal perforations?

It seems that not many surgeons will touch patients with septal perforations, I had read they are considered nasal cripples, is there much hope for... READ MORE

Is septal perforation, devated septum & no cardilage possible to fix? been clean & living with it for over 20 years.

59 and have been living with this for over 23 years.Being a teacher & working with special needs children doesn't help my sinises. Older I'm getting... READ MORE

Can you get rid of a dorsal hump and narrow the nose with a rhinoplasty when you have a perforated septum?

I have a big dorsal hump on the bridge of my nose. My plastic surgeon examined my nose and noticed that I have a hole in my septum from previous... READ MORE

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