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Can I Scratch the Dead Skin on my Nose off I Month After Rhinoplasty

There is what looks like dead skin all over the tip of my nose. how should i scratch or take it all off? READ MORE

I Scratched my Nose with my Thumb Accidently and the Skin is Bleeding a Little. Will This Affect the Results?

I was laying on my stomach and moved my hand quickly and my thumb scratched the bridge of my nose and the skin was bleeding a little. will this affect... READ MORE

Nose Movement/touching Post Rhinoplasty?

I am 9 months post rhinoplasty and still seem to be experiencing anxiety with regard to touching my nose. Today I was driving and all of a sudden my... READ MORE

Can Gentle Scratching Effect Rhinoplasty Results?

This morning, before getting out of the house, i used sunscreen to protect my nose from the sun (my nose was white), but the problem is at the end of... READ MORE

Is it normal to see the bone inside nose protruding through nostril after Rhinoplasty? 1 month post op (photo)

I won't lie but I have been scratching out the crusts in nose. And there was a massive crust piece that had come out and now today I noticed this... READ MORE

Can Lightly Touching or Scratching my Nose 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty Be Harmful to my Result?

I recently had rhinoplasty done 2 weeks ago. I have been constantly gently touching the tip of my nose or scratching the sides of my nose. I have not... READ MORE

Scraped Skin On Nose 7 Months Post Rhinoplasty?

I had some really dry skin on the tip of my nose so i scraped it off with my fingernail.......... could that do any damage being 7 months post op... READ MORE

Can lightly flicking/scratching of the nose 5 days post Rhinoplasty damage my results?

I had a closed rhinoplasty and cast was taken off 5 days ago. My surgeon was surprised I didn't have very much bruising or swelling! I am healing... READ MORE

I scratch my nose right after cast removal and become red. Any suggestions?

A week after my surgery my cast was removed, and it was pretty grimy under there not being showered for a week. So (against better judgment, I know,... READ MORE

Can You Get a Permanent Bump or an Unevenness on You Nose from a Dog Scratch 13 Weeks After a Closed Rhinoplasty?

It has been 13 weeks since my closed rihnoplasty, and the healing process have slowly been better week by week, and the result have been very... READ MORE

How long after rhinoplasty is a nose still vulnerable to infection?

I'm 5 weeks post op but sometimes without thinking, I scratch around the inside of my nose with unclean hands. Since then I've been extra careful and... READ MORE

What are the telltale signs you messed up your rhinoplasty?

It seems like there's a lot of questions from patients worried about compromising their rhinoplasty results. I share a lot of those anxieties. After a... READ MORE

I scratched my alar base by accident 5 weeks post-op!

It's been exactly 5 weeks since my open rhinoplasty with alar base reduction and I scratched the side of my nose by accident right on the side nostril... READ MORE

Cat scratched my nose 10 days after rhinoplasty

Im 10 days post-revision rhinoplasty on the tip of my nose and trying to be so careful but my cat stuck her claw into it! Her claw went straight in... READ MORE

Accidently kept scratching what I didn't know was ear cartilage showing under the skin of my nose at the side

I thought it was just some hard thing and I kept scratching trying to take it off for few days then yesterday I looked up in the mirror and saw its... READ MORE

Scratched my nose with a q-tip after my cast has been removed. I am 4 days from my surgery. also applied make up

4days ago they performed breaking of bones , grafting cartilage into my tip also my tip has sutures and i have a high end silicon on my bridge i have... READ MORE

How can someone itch nose after rhinoplasty?

If your nose is itchy after rhinoplasty how can someone scratch their nose with a cast still on, or would ice maybe stop itching if that occured? Thanks READ MORE

Did OCD nose picking change the shape of my nose?

 When I was 10-12 got over a cold a scab formed I would always pick out.I would tear the same thing out and over and over, and pick and scratch... READ MORE

Why does my nose makes a snapping sound when I move it from side to side?

For a while I've been able to move my nose from side to side and it makes a snapping sound.Ive noticed that I'm getting a bump on my nasal dorsum. On... READ MORE

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