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What Happens if Nerves Are Damaged During Rhinoplasty?

I was wondering what happens if nerves are damaged during Rhinoplasty. If they are can they affect the facial muscles at all? How can I tell if my... READ MORE

How Do I Know if It's Permanent Nerve Damage After Rhinoplasty?

I am 2 weeks post septo-rhinoplasty and I have numbness from the left side of my upper lip all the way up to my left tear trough. I had major bruising... READ MORE

Can teeth nerve damage occur during Rhinoplasty? I had a deviated septum fixed.

I had a deviated septum, the doc said 2% airway in each nostril. I'm healed up fine, except my upper front teeth. It's painful to bite down, even just... READ MORE

Unable to Move/Flare Right Nostril After Rhinoplasty: is This Normal?

Ever since I had the surgery, I could not flare my right nostril. 3 months have passed and I am getting worried. is this permanent? did a nerve get... READ MORE

Supratrochlear Nerve Damage from Open Rhinoplasty Possible?

I had a massive amount of swelling after open rhinoplasty (the glabella area just above the outer cast was the worst). The swelling caused the cast to... READ MORE

9 months post-op: Is it possible that the surgeon gave me nerve damage? (photo)

I was able to breathe properly before surgery, not only can i not breathe, but the mid vault area leaves me with a lot of pain in that area and I am 9... READ MORE

Rhino Healing Nerve Repair Soreness?

I'm 8 months post Rhino op and my nose is sore and my skin around my eyes is sore too and this happens at usually the same time. I had a lump on... READ MORE

Can nerve functioning be restored after rhinoplasty? Nerve damage due to overaggressive rhinoplasty.

A surgeon overresected my bridge, cutting out a good part of it as documented in his operative notes. I have suffered valve collapse, have terrible... READ MORE

Facial damage due to Rhinoplasty?

I am only 2 weeks post open Rhinoplasty so am just looking for reassurance. In what circumstances would someone get permanant nerve/muscle damage... READ MORE

Should a current nose twitch raise any concern during open rhinoplasty operation/post-op?

A small indentation/twitch/dimple appears only when I blink on the right side of the tip of my nose, the best way to describe it is the skin dimples... READ MORE

What is the indication of nerve damage in rhinoplasty?

I have had nearly constant pain or uncomfortable feeling on my nose and it radiates to forehead and sculp. READ MORE

Can pain from Rhinoplasty be permanent?

Naturally in the first few weeks pain is to be expected, but can the nose ache permanently in some cases if nerve damage was caused by cutting the... READ MORE

Is it possible to have nerve damage in one's eyelid area after rhinoplasty?

I had a closed rhinoplasty procedure done exactly one week ago I just got the bandages removed, as I applied eyeliner i noticed my left eyelid... READ MORE

Could I have nerve damage after implant removal? (Due to incision line tearing - leading to infection)

I had a couple of paranasal implants removed a month after they were put in. The implant on the right was not placed in correctly because it slightly... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty recovery? Still swollen/bruised 3 months post op (Photo)

Hello I am started to get worried about my recovery following rhinoplasty, I had the op almost 3 months ago and my eyes are still sore & bruised my... READ MORE

Can piezosurgery (for rhinoplasty) cause burns and nerve damage?

Been reading about ultrasonic devices and was wondering can the device cause burns or damage nerve during rhinoplasty. Also what is the possible... READ MORE

Tingling feeling when I bite my lower lip?

I had a closed rhinoplasty a few days ago and wondering if I have a little nerve damage. All I can describe the feeling is - Feeling like I've pierced... READ MORE

I think I may have caused nerve damage. Could Rhinoplasty help my severe constant pain? (photos)

When I was a teenager I got hit on the nasal bone with a rock and have a dent on my nasal bone. As time passed I developed a horrible habit of... READ MORE

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