Irritation + Rhinoplasty

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Can Nose Lose Its Shape Post Rhinoplasty?

My nose looked very nice and sharp and thin which I loved, after rhinoplasty. However, I used a nose spray for a few days and ever since it looks fat... READ MORE

Is There a Stitch Poking Through my Skin After Rhinoplasty?

I think there is a plastic stitch poking through one side of my columnella. Its been 9 months since my surgery and every other week or so I get a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Swelling Flare-ups at 1 Year Post-op?

I'm a 26 year-old male, 1 year post-op from a primary open Rhino (tip and bridge work). All through my recovery my tip has gotten swollen and... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty: Recurring Irritating Sensation Following Ear Cartilage Removal

I had some cartilage removed from my ear and transferred to my nose during a rhinoplasty procedure. I now have a non-stop 'sensation' in my... READ MORE

Is it normal for my incision to be red and irritated after stitches are removed? (photo)

I had my stitches removed two days ago and the incision look redder and when I put on bacitracin it burns. Any recommendation on what to put on it to... READ MORE

Could my method of blackhead removal cause any damage 5 weeks post Rhinoplasty?

I am 5 weeks post rhinoplasty and have clogged pores and blackheads. I have been using an astringent applied with a cotton pad. Today, I ran out of... READ MORE

My Nose Tip, columella Become Big and Hard..please Any One Suggest Me What Will Be the Problem?

Hi..i am 26 years of old..i have been facing my nose problem from my small age.. my nose become hard and become somewhat big always and i would... READ MORE

2 months post op Rhinoplasty, I have a crack like opening at alar base. Is this normal? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty with alar base reduction 2 months ago, everything was healing great until a few days ago. At the crease/scar on my left nostril I... READ MORE

Could the supra alar creases be reduced? (photos)

My nose takes over my face when I smile, but in profile it is quite small. It's soft and can be squashed. It often looks too big for my face, with the... READ MORE

Does the inside color of my nose look normal? (Photo)

I feel my nose irritated when I blow my nose, does this look normal or this irritation of my nose? READ MORE

What can be done about my nose? It looks and feels deviated. (photos)

Hello, I am 22 years old and I have just taken some x-rays because for over 5 years now I have been complaining about a change in my nose to no avail.... READ MORE

8 day post op closed Rhinoplasty for polly beak, the stitches inside my nose very irritating. Is this normal?

I had the tip corrected - the visual result is good. However, there are several stitches inside my nose and they are really irritating. I feel that... READ MORE

Itchy, inflamed columella incision 5 days post-op tip-plasty/rhinoplasty (Photo)

I had my surgery Friday, and my splint removed Tuesday. When I got home Tuesday, I used saline nasal spray to moisten and gently remove the dried... READ MORE

I have a sinus infection on my left nasal bone area after Rhinoplasty and osteotome done in S. Korea 4 week ago. Any suggestion?

Rhinoplast/osteotomy done in SKorea 4 wks ago. Cast removed 3 wks ago. Dent beside left bridge after will it ever go away? click sound from left side... READ MORE

7 months post septorhinoplasty and nose is always very dry, feeling irritated. Is this normal ?

I got a septorhino on Oct 14 I went to see my surgeon a week ago and he said everything was fine however my nose is very dry all the time and I have... READ MORE

Vascular irritation due to steroid/saline injection in area of nose. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my 1yr post-op rhinoplasty appt 4 days ago. Doc did some rasping and injected a steroid/saline in one side of my nose. I sent a picture, and was... READ MORE

Vascular irritation from steroid & saline injection in nose - is it healing? (phtoos)

6 days ago I had rasping done. Doc also gave a steroid & saline injection on side of nose. It was bruised and sore at first, then swelling/bruise/pain... READ MORE

Right nostril has lump. Will nostrils become more symmetrical and less red and irritated? Surgery was Labor Day wknd

My scar on my columella where my incision was seems to becoming more red and my right nostril (the side that needed more work on) has a knot or excess... READ MORE

Is brown mucus normal after Septoplasty?

Hi. I had a septoplasty for a deviated septum on Monday, I no longer have blood dripping out. I irrigated my nose and I had blobs of blood and snot... READ MORE

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