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How To Treat Hole In Nose From Cocaine Use?

Hi I'm 21 and I fell into a binge with coke for about 8 months .well just this nov I had scabs and yes I picked them or blew them out, well here... READ MORE

How Harmful is Cocaine to my New Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty a month and a half ago, and just did cocaine one time since then. I know this is probably terrible, but I would like to know how... READ MORE

Cocaine 1 Month After Nose Job?

I had a closed nose job 1 month ago. Unfortunately due to stressful circumstances I have started using about half a gram of coke twice a week. The tip... READ MORE

After prolonged drug use, large pieces of my nose are falling off from inside, what is causing this, and what can I do? (photos)

I was a drug user for 5 years and my main choice was coke. I love sniffing after a while I was sniffing heroin,pills, coccaine.Now that I have stopped... READ MORE

Worst Mistake I've Made After Rhinoplasty. Need Exact, Truthful Answers. What Did I Do To My Nose And What Happened?

Most of the doctors that are going to answer what I'm going to ask are going to say I should see my doctor, which I completely understand but I'd like... READ MORE

Can I Have Rhinoplasty?

I'm a 34 y.o. and completely healthy. No pre-existing conditions, I exercise 4-5 times per week, and live a healthy lifestyle (occasional drink,... READ MORE

Cocaine After Nose Job, Could I have Done Damage?

I had a rhynoplasty on January and after one month I got really drunk and did cocaine two nights. I have stopped doing it for real and won't do... READ MORE

Is There Hope with Rhinoplasty for Those Who Have Used Cocaine with Moderate Damage?

I consider the damage I have done to my nose to be moderate/severe. Thankfully I still after it all have my looks, but every time I look in the mirror... READ MORE

I did a bunch of coke last night/this morning and I have a deviated septum surgery in 12 hours! Will they cancel the surgery?

I only did about 4 small bumps and I was drinking a lot of beer at the time as well and it was less than 48 hours ago! I don't do coke on a regular... READ MORE

I Got Rhinoplasty Done a Week Ago in Iran, and Am Going Back to Sydney in 3 Weeks. is 1 Month Long Enough Before I Can Party?

NOTE: i will be drinking, smoking, and taking drugs like ketamine, MDMA, and ectasy. i party regularly but am not addicted to any substances. i am... READ MORE

Will occasional use of certain drugs after a few months affect rhinoplasty results?

I had rhinoplasty one week ago. I am 20 years old and engage in recreational drug use every once in a while, maybe a few times a year. I'm aware of... READ MORE

Adverse drug interaction with Medrol Dose Pack?

Dr gave me a pers for MEdrol Dose pack for upcoming Vegas. Said it should help with swelling. I plan on drinking, partying and probably doing a little... READ MORE

I used cocaine 5 months after my rhinoplasty surgery. Will this effect my results?

I had surgery on Dec 15th for rhinoplasty and to take the bump off my nose. On April 25th I did about a half gram of cocaine. I am reading all these... READ MORE

Would a Nose Job Be Complicated Following Several Years of Insufflation?

This is embarrassing but I'm just going to be blunt and get it over with. I insufflated oxycontin for several years and developed a pretty bad... READ MORE

I have cartilage loss due to drug use & need septorhinoplasty for severe deviated septum. What technique would you use? (photo)

Scared of getting a flat nose if I get septoplasty and rhinoplasty for severe deviated septum and crooked nose deformity.  cocaine 2 years ago... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong Help?

Last year I had rhinoplasty, I have snorted cocaine on several occasions which was due to peer pressure. Recently my left side of the tip of my nose... READ MORE

Is there any way my nose surgeon, can figure out that I have done cocaine while testing the inside of my nose?

Hey. I had rhynoplasty+ septoplasty in August 7th. On October I did cocaine and I did cocaine again in November.So, now is December I would go to see... READ MORE

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