Drug Use + Rhinoplasty

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How To Treat Hole In Nose From Cocaine Use?

Hi I'm 21 and I fell into a binge with coke for about 8 months .well just this nov I had scabs and yes I picked them or blew them out, well here... READ MORE

How Harmful is Cocaine to my New Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty a month and a half ago, and just did cocaine one time since then. I know this is probably terrible, but I would like to know how... READ MORE

Cocaine 1 Month After Nose Job?

I had a closed nose job 1 month ago. Unfortunately due to stressful circumstances I have started using about half a gram of coke twice a week. The tip... READ MORE

Worst Mistake I've Made After Rhinoplasty. Need Exact, Truthful Answers. What Did I Do To My Nose And What Happened?

Most of the doctors that are going to answer what I'm going to ask are going to say I should see my doctor, which I completely understand but I'd like... READ MORE

Can I Have Rhinoplasty?

I'm a 34 y.o. and completely healthy. No pre-existing conditions, I exercise 4-5 times per week, and live a healthy lifestyle (occasional drink,... READ MORE

After prolonged drug use, large pieces of my nose are falling off from inside, what is causing this, and what can I do? (photos)

I was a drug user for 5 years and my main choice was coke. I love sniffing after a while I was sniffing heroin,pills, coccaine.Now that I have stopped... READ MORE

Cocaine After Nose Job, Could I have Done Damage?

I had a rhynoplasty on January and after one month I got really drunk and did cocaine two nights. I have stopped doing it for real and won't do... READ MORE

Is There Hope with Rhinoplasty for Those Who Have Used Cocaine with Moderate Damage?

I consider the damage I have done to my nose to be moderate/severe. Thankfully I still after it all have my looks, but every time I look in the mirror... READ MORE

I did a bunch of coke last night/this morning and I have a deviated septum surgery in 12 hours! Will they cancel the surgery?

I only did about 4 small bumps and I was drinking a lot of beer at the time as well and it was less than 48 hours ago! I don't do coke on a regular... READ MORE

I Got Rhinoplasty Done a Week Ago in Iran, and Am Going Back to Sydney in 3 Weeks. is 1 Month Long Enough Before I Can Party?

NOTE: i will be drinking, smoking, and taking drugs like ketamine, MDMA, and ectasy. i party regularly but am not addicted to any substances. i am... READ MORE

Will occasional use of certain drugs after a few months affect rhinoplasty results?

I had rhinoplasty one week ago. I am 20 years old and engage in recreational drug use every once in a while, maybe a few times a year. I'm aware of... READ MORE

Would a Nose Job Be Complicated Following Several Years of Insufflation?

This is embarrassing but I'm just going to be blunt and get it over with. I insufflated oxycontin for several years and developed a pretty bad... READ MORE

I used cocaine 5 months after my rhinoplasty surgery. Will this effect my results?

I had surgery on Dec 15th for rhinoplasty and to take the bump off my nose. On April 25th I did about a half gram of cocaine. I am reading all these... READ MORE

Adverse drug interaction with Medrol Dose Pack?

Dr gave me a pers for MEdrol Dose pack for upcoming Vegas. Said it should help with swelling. I plan on drinking, partying and probably doing a little... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong Help?

Last year I had rhinoplasty, I have snorted cocaine on several occasions which was due to peer pressure. Recently my left side of the tip of my nose... READ MORE

I have cartilage loss due to drug use & need septorhinoplasty for severe deviated septum. What technique would you use? (photo)

Scared of getting a flat nose if I get septoplasty and rhinoplasty for severe deviated septum and crooked nose deformity.  cocaine 2 years ago... READ MORE

Is there any way my nose surgeon, can figure out that I have done cocaine while testing the inside of my nose?

Hey. I had rhynoplasty+ septoplasty in August 7th. On October I did cocaine and I did cocaine again in November.So, now is December I would go to see... READ MORE

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